What is RFID?

What is RFID?

RFID is a system for reading and writing data in RF tags without contact, using radio waves. In the case of a barcode-based system, tags must be scanned with a scanner using laser, etc. one by one, while in the case of an RFID system, more than one tag can be scanned simultaneously using radio waves. Within the radio wave range, even distant tags can be read.


Advantages of RFID

Advantage 1:More than one tag can be scanned simultaneously simply by holding the scanner over the tags.

  • Users need to scan barcodes one after another for each product, which is both time- and labor-consuming.

  • Users do not have to look for the tags and scan them one by one; more than one tag can be scanned simultaneously by just holding the scanner over the tags!! Inventory check time can be reduced to one-tenth that for operations using a barcode system.

Advantage 2:Distant tags can be scanned.

  • It is necessary to scan barcodes in high positions using a stepladder.

  • Since distant tags can be scanned, even hard-to-reach tags in high positions can be scanned quickly without using a stepladder!! This feature not only reduces hours of work but also secures the safety of workers!!

Advantage 3:Tags in a box can be scanned.

  • Users need to open each box to scan barcodes one after another.

  • Tags in a box can be scanned simultaneously without opening the box, improving work efficiency significantly!!

Advantage 4:Tags with a stained surface can be read.

  • If tags are stained, e.g., in the case where a piece of tape has been attached to the tag or the tag has become dirty with ink, the tags cannot be read.

  • Even stained tags can be read, and accordingly, users do not have to worry even under poor use conditions!!


Examples of RFID application

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