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First-Class DENSO Manufacturing ConceptsLean Automation®

For many years, DENSO has incorporated lean automation—automated production systems that eliminate inefficiencies and provide high operating efficiency—into its production processes. We repeat “Rationalization before automation,” “automation by technologies and expertise refined at production site (Gemba),” and “Creating a Gemba environment where people and machines keep growing together,” and develop human resources by building an organization and an environment to strengthen a Gemba. With this “Lean Automation®,” we contribute to develop manufacturing worldwide.

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    Lean Engineering

    Rationalization before Automation, "More Efficient"

    If your current production is automated as it is, inefficiencies will be included in the automation. We completely remove any inefficiencies of manual work before automation.

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    Lean Production

    GEMBA-oriented,"More Easy"

    We, as a manufacturer, a user, and an integrator, make automation available with technologies and expertise that we have refined at our Gemba.

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    Lean Management

    IoT boosts Kaizen, "More Open"

    Together with Kaizen that make use of people as well as machines, we contribute to develop Gemba where people and machines keep growing together.

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    Human Development

    People is our CORE, "Human Captital"

    We build an organization and an educational environment where people acquire excellent skills and contribute to develop the overall manufacturing.

Based on this lean automation approach, we’re currently training system integrators*1 involved in production facilities and FA equipment in Thailand.

*1 General name for companies that design efficient production lines by combing various devices

About Lean Automation System Integrators (LASI)

In 2018, DENSO and DENSO WAVE launched the Lean Automation System Integrator (LASI) Training Program in Connected Industries as part of production support activities in Thailand.
The program distills over 70 years of automation experience and expertise, refined in manufacturing activities, to train system integrators who will be capable of implementing lean, highly efficient automation. In this program, automation isn’t simply the process of replacing people with robots; it involves imparting the steps of optimal automation, which involves installing robots after making process efficiency improvements.
In close partnership with Thailand’s government, universities, and other educational institutions, the program is helping train systems integrators in the field of robotics and IoT, both pillars of the Thailand 4.0 model.

LASI in Thailand

Due to a declining working population and rising personnel costs, the structure of industry in Thailand has reached a turning point. Companies affiliated with Japan, which to date have been leaders in Thailand’s manufacturing industry, now face major issues, including a need to improve productivity by converting production based on manual work to production centered on advanced automation equipment and the scarcity of automation system integrators capable of planning, designing, producing, installing, and maintaining the automation systems (facilities, lines) integrating this equipment.
Through this program, with a view to promoting autonomous development through LASI training in Thailand, we’re working to advance the thorough incorporation of lean automation, help make Thai companies more competitive, and improve the quality of automation engineering in Thailand.

Educational Activities

To teach program participants lean automation concepts from basics to implementation, we’ve systematized expertise refined at DENSO. We’ve developed an educational program with the cooperation of educational institutions and universities in Thailand. Consisting of 12 courses and 160 class-hours including both classroom lecture and practicum components, the program does more than import teaching materials from Japan. It seeks to engage in creative activities, side by side with workers in Thailand, to expand technology transfers and related activities.

LASI Training Overall

LASI training curriculum

1 Manufacturing System
2 Lean Manufacturing
3 Lean Manufacturing Practice
4 Lean Automation System
5 System design for Lean Automation
6 TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)
7 Lean Kaizen Practice
8 Lean Robot Operation
9 Machine Simulator
10 Machine Controller
11 Plant Simulator
12 Cyber Physical System
13 OJT Curriculum
14 Visualization

The LASI program has three main pillars: removing inefficiencies before automation; designing automation free of inefficiencies; and maintaining high efficiency. Based on this approach, participants learn the stages of the automation process, from manual assembly to semi-automation to full automation. A LEGO car is assembled on a manual line and work processes are designed to eliminate inefficiencies. Participants study how to transfer the same processes to robots and to design robot operations and automation free of inefficiencies. The courses are designed to deepen conceptual understanding in classroom and practicum settings using actual equipment.
To learn lean automation as part of a systematic curriculum, participants analyze their own production facilities, identify problems, and undertake a series of improvement activities to incorporate their findings into production design. Participants tackle practical problems while building camaraderie through discussions and cooperative efforts.

Based at the Bangkok ITC, the LASI program is being expanded to regional cities as we work to further incorporate the lean automation approach at regional sites.
Located in a facility of the Ministry of Industry in Bangkok, the training center provides a place for practical learning. The facility is equipped with lecture spaces and production facilities for the practical portion of the program. Production facilities include state-of-the-art automation equipment and information systems. Alongside the lean automation approach we’ve refined over many years, participants study the latest in automation and information technologies. In addition, to share information with Thai manufacturers, expand applicability, and give back to Japan-affiliated industrial equipment manufacturers, we’ve avoided selecting equipment of a specific brand for the training facility, instead making available devices from various manufacturers.

LASI training center

Going Forward

In addition to expanding the LASI program, another key goal is to educate Thai trainers to ensure correct understanding of the curriculum and maintain educational standards. Targeting development in Thailand over the medium and long term, DENSO is also helping to train master trainers through classroom and practical instruction.
Through these activities, we intend to bring together various people involved in automation and to accelerate lean automation by bolstering personnel and industrial infrastructures in Thailand, thereby helping the country realize its Thailand 4.0 model.
As Japan’s brand of lean automation expands globally, these efforts will help create a brand for Japanese-style manufacturing and production reforms and contribute not just to growth in Japan and Thailand, but to increased manufacturing productivity worldwide.



AugSIMTec Grand Opening
#5 SIer Course / #2 University Course Graduation
JulRegional Introduction Courses Completed in total 9 provinces
JunMOU Ceremony DIP-SIMTec
AprMOU Ceremony DIP-Denso
FebRegional Introduction Courses Completed in 4 provinces
1st Class of Thai Trainers began at LASI
Jan1st OJT Curriculum with DIP and TGI


NovLASI Presentation at FTI Seminar
Sep1st LASI Concept Implementation by LASI Trainees
AugPM Prayut visits LASI Booth at Thailand Industry Expo 2018
#1 SIer Course / #1 University Course Graduation
JulDeputy PM Dr. Somkid visits Denso Japan
#1 Universtiy Course Opened
MayLASI Grand Opening at ITC
LASI Training Launched #1 SIer course
MarLASI&FTI model line activity started
JanMOU Ceremony MOI-Denso


DecRobot School started at LASI/ITC
Start Lean Automation Committee in FTI
Oct1st Curriculum Development Consortium
SepThai-Japan Symposium
AugDeputy PM Dr. Somkid visits Japan
LASI METI/JETRO Project Accepted
MayLASI Concept Discussion with MOI & METI

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