DENSO Robotics obtains safety certification for COBOTTA® collaborative robot from a third-party certification body



DENSO Robotics acquired industrial robot product safety certification based on four international standards for COBOTTA® collaborative robot. This certification was issued by an international third-party certification organization, TÜV Rheinland Japan, upon testing and evaluating the safety of COBOTTA® robot in accordance with the standards prescribed for industrial robot product safety.


COBOTTA® collaborative robot is a human-friendly industrial robot that is designed and engineered for anywhere, anytime, hassle-free use. Armed with portability and ease of operation, COBOTTA® robot is expected to find many applications in the industrial, research, educational and other fields. In developing the COBOTTA® robot, we ensured absence of sharp parts, adopted a unique arm structure, carefully designed the movable range for the prevention of pinching of fingers, provided each axis with sensors for monitoring the speed and torque, and achieved high levels of functional safety. COBOTTA® robot is compact and weighs only 4 kg even with the built-in controller. It can be transported easily and operated immediately.


DENSO Robotics obtained the certification based on the following standards for COBOTTA® collaborative robot. The acquisition of the certification attests to the fact that COBOTTA® robot satisfies the top-level safety standards as a human-friendly collaborative robot. Products with the certification are acknowledged to have cleared stringent criteria and offer high levels of safety.


¢ Certification standards (Test Mark Number: 1419070582)

EN ISO 10218-1:2011

EN 60204-1:2006+A1

ISO/TS 15066:2016

EN ISO 13849-1:2015

Upon obtaining the safety certification for COBOTTA®, DENSO Robotics will continue to further promote the use of collaborative robots in an effort to realize society where people and robots work together in harmony.


Reference Information

¢ Information of safety certification obtained by COBOTTA® (TÜV Rheinlands web page)


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