New DENSO HS-1A Series SCARA Robots


AGUI, JAPAN — DENSO Wave Incorporated announced its new HS-A1 Series SCARA robots, which will be released in May 2017.

The HS-A1 Series robots are faster and more accurate than the current HS Series models.

Main Features

  1. 1.Higher speed
    The HS-A1 Series maximize motor performance with the latest RC8A controller, improving the standard cycle time to 0.29 seconds(1), an increase of 20%.
  2. 2.Higher accuracy
    DENSO's advanced technology enables a high-level interlock of machine design and control. This provides highly effective vibration damping of the tool center-point, improving accuracy in high-speed operations.
  3. 3.Many options
    Ceiling-mount, dust- and splashproof, cleanroom and UL models accommodate many different applications. A new vertical stroke option of 100 or 150 mm further increases application flexibility.

We promise to provide a wide variety of types and sizes to meet the needs of customers and to provide innovative, high-productivity robots and great customer support.

Detailed specifications are available here.


  1. 1. Time required to move a 2 kg payload between two points 300 mm apart at a height of 25 mm.

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