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DENSO and National Instruments at the NIDays 2010 in France, Italy and Spain -Forum of Graphical System Design-


DENSO Europe B.V. (Robotics Department) will participate in the NIDays 2010 with the company National Instruments (NI).

National Instruments (NI), the market leader in industrial measurement and control technologies, organizes the NIDays in different countries every year. The NIDays is a one-day event in which NI and its technology partners present their latest innovations for the industry (e.g. programming DENSO Robots with LabVIEW).

During this event several specialists from different fields present interesting topics and practical examples of a wide variety of technologies. In addition, there is an exhibition area where attendees can learn more about NI’s newest technologies, as well of those of its partners.

DENSO will be part of the NIDays 2010 in France, Spain and Italy showing robotics solutions based on NI’s graphical programming software, LabVIEW. In order to achieve this, it was necessary to develop an extension library specially designed to program DENSO robots and other devices such as vision systems by means of LabVIEW; a truly innovation that allows users of this software to have access to automation solutions that were never imagined before.

Target Group
·Engineers and specialists in design, testing, manufacturing, quality and maintenance who are looking for specialized equipment suitable for automation systems
·Developers, system integrators and consultants looking for flexible tools to create solutions for their particular industry
·Professors and/or researchers looking for specialized tools, software and/or hardware for their laboratories and projects

Topics Summary
·Graphical System Design
·Wi-Fi- DAQ
·Integration of Vision and Robotics in LabVIEW
·A multitude of other areas

NIDays France
Date: February 2, 2010
Venue: Port-Marly
For more information and registration to this event please visit the website:

NIDays Italy
Date: February 24, 2010
Venue: Ergife Palace Hotel
For more information and registration to this event please visit the website:

NIDays Spain
Date: March 16, 2010
Venue: still pending
For more information and registration to this event please visit the website:

We invite you to come join us in this special event at the NIDays 2010. Come experience the newest technologies about DENSO Robots and LabVIEW!!!


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