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[Webinar] Robotics for education - simple & flexible



Have you ever wondered how the future field of robotics can be optimally established in the educational area for students in a practical,
understandable and diverse way?

Would you also like to easily include industrial robotics in their curriculum for the different levels of education
from first time users to robotics expert and don't quite know how yet?

In our webinar we not only answer these questions but also cover the following topics:

  • ■Which robots / cobots are suitable for educational training
  • ■Which software tools support lectures
  • ■Multiple connection options (ORiN / Matlab / Labview / Command Slave)


The benefits include

  • An introduction to robotics in hands-on lessons
  • ■Tablet-based apps to high-level programming and ROS integration
  • ■Safe handling of the robots
  • ■Quickly visible successes
  • ■Ideal for training courses in automation and programming

We show how to program and practically apply compact industrial and collaborative robots.
This will give students the perfect training in the promising field of robotics.
We will also present customized robot packages especially for educational training purposes.


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