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Exhibition announcement: MOTEK 2019


Exhibition announcement: MOTEK 2019


At this year’s MOTEK trade fair show (Stuttgart, October 7th to 10th 2019), the safe human-robot collaboration (HRC) will take center stage at DENSO Robotics presentations hall 7, stand 7210.


COBOTTA has been a great success with the market and continues to set new standards in the HRC segment: The robot’s high safety levels have also convinced the TÜV Rheinland, one of Germany’s leading third-party certifiers.


During MOTEK, COBOTTA will be demonstrated in these three applications:

  • Canon Vision Extended multi-vision system: this image recognition system is designed for the flexible recognition and handling of multiple parts; COBOTTA will be featured in a 2D picking application (with Vision Edition).
  • SPooN – Interactive characters: analyzing human facial expressions and gestures, this intelligent communications tool, thanks only to COBOTTA’s great maneuverability enables the interactive and lively communication with humans.
  • MINI-EYEFEEDER®: visitors can experience this proven automated parts feeder system featuring a COBOTTA. Thanks to its unique compact size and easy programming, the robot can be easily integrated into system such as this one. In this application, the built-in camera at COBOTTA’s upper arm is being used for the parts recognition.


COBOTTA is also perfectly well designed for interacting with other robots, as demonstrated in a pick-and-place application featuring a robot of the HSR series in an EYEFEEDER® parts feeder system.


Technical precision is also required in two additional demonstrations using DENSO VS series models: In a robot demo cell a VS model is performing the soldering process of lead frames, and in another application a six-axis VS 087 will be showcased, equipped with the AIRSKIN.


More about COBOTTA: https://www.denso-wave.com/en/robot/product/collabo/cobotta.html

More about MOTEK: www.motek-messe.de

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