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DENSO WAVE’s Procurement Policies

Basic Stance

Our Purchasing Department purchases the parts for various products that we offer to our customers in our business fields of barcode devices, 2D code devices, IC cards, robots, etc.
We are striving to achieve “global optimum purchasing” by exploring and procuring from all over the world parts that are excellent in terms of quality, technological capabilities, cost, and delivery reliability.

Procurement Policies

We seek good partners from around the world that fully understand our policies and are willing to make efforts to contribute to the mutual growth and social and economic development of Japan and other countries, according to the five policies below:

  • Open-door policy

    DENSO WAVE is open to all suppliers both inside and outside Japan, and procures parts for its products on a fair and equitable basis. In selecting suppliers, the Company comprehensively considers the quality, technological capabilities, cost, and delivery reliability, as well as the attitudes and systems of continuous improvement.

  • Growing together based on mutual trust

    DENSO WAVE aims to grow together with its suppliers through business transactions. To this end, it is important to establish strong relationships of trust based on close communication with its suppliers.

  • Promoting “green procurement”

    DENSO WAVE comprehensively promotes environment-conscious development, design, and production activities.
    In doing so, the Company aims to purchase parts/materials with low impact on the environment from environment-conscious suppliers.

  • Aiming to be a good corporate citizen by promoting local procurement

    DENSO WAVE conducts its corporate activities on a global scale, and proactively promotes local production and local procurement.
    By doing so, the Company aims to become a good corporate citizen, contributing to local communities.

  • Compliance with laws and regulations, and confidentiality

    DENSO WAVE complies with the laws and regulations relevant to its purchasing activities.
    The Company also pays sufficient attention to the handling of confidential information it has obtained through business transactions.

Strengthening Partnerships with Suppliers

In order to grow together with its suppliers in the midst of global competition, DENSO WAVE proactively helps its suppliers reinforce their corporate structure and employs the VA or VE* proposals of the suppliers, thereby enhancing its partnerships with them.
At overseas Group companies, the purchasing department of each regional headquarters plays the central role in working to instill and spread these initiatives while taking into account the national/regional characteristics.

* VA: value analysis and VE: value engineering, referring to cost reduction activities by reviewing specifications, etc.

Promoting CSR throughout the Supply Chain

Basic Stance

Due to the extent of their influence on society, companies are expected to implement policies and measures for promoting corporate conduct that take into consideration responsibilities such as legal compliance, protection of human rights and labor, the environment, and business ethics, both in their own operations and in those of their suppliers. As such, we believe that promoting CSR procurement, an approach that exercises social responsibility throughout the entire supply chain, is a mission of DENSO WAVE in becoming a trustworthy company in harmony with society.
To this end, DENSO WAVE requests that its suppliers agree to the DENSO Group Declaration of Corporate Behavior, and conclude a basic transaction contract that announces fulfillment of social responsibilities such as compliance, the protection of human rights, environmental conservation, and occupational safety. We also ask our suppliers to implement CSR activities such as assigning a CSR contact person and clarifying their own CSR policies.

Specific Initiatives

Implementing CSR procurement under the Supplier CSR Guidelines

In order to promote efficient CSR procurement together with its suppliers, DENSO WAVE utilizes the DENSO Group Supplier CSR Guidelines. We regularly ask our suppliers to assess their own CSR practices through self-diagnostic sheets and, based on the results of their assessments, to communicate the strengths and weaknesses to each supplier and provide necessary support.
Additionally, we ask our suppliers to also request the implementation of similar initiatives to their suppliers (secondary suppliers for DENSO WAVE).

  • ◎Development tools for CSR procurement

    Tool Overview
    CSR Guidelines Clearly identify the rationale of the DENSO Group’s initiatives and items to be observed by suppliers.
    Handbook Explains specifically what to do and how to take action with regard to priority areas, including compliance, human rights, and labor, in order to adhere to the CSR guidelines.
    Self-diagnostic sheet Enables self-diagnosis regarding the status of current initiatives in priority areas.
  • ◎Status of development for CSR procurement

◎Main contents of Supplier CSR Guidelines
(1) Safety and product quality (2) Human rights and labor (3) Environment (4) Compliance (5) Disclosure (6) Risk Management (7) Responsible resources/material procurement (8) Social contribution (9) Development for all suppliers

Promoting CSR throughout the Supply Chain

Initiatives regarding conflict minerals

Minerals that originate from the area around the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa, or “conflict minerals,” are mined through non-humanitarian acts, and are said to be used to finance armed groups. Accordingly, conflict minerals are becoming a significant social problem in regard to human rights.
DENSO WAVE recognizes that conflict minerals represent one of the most significant social issues within the supply chain, and has been promoting the procurement of minerals that gives consideration to human rights, environmental impact, etc.

As a specific initiative, to investigate the usage of conflict minerals by retrospectively reviewing our supply chains step by step, we have worked to establish efficient investigation methods that give consideration to the burden on suppliers, in accordance with the policies of trade organizations, including organizations related to the automobile industry. Furthermore, we have actively participated in joint explanatory meetings for suppliers held by the industry and have made efforts to foster understanding of the conflict mineral issue. We also ask our suppliers to promote the responsible procurement of resources and raw materials, according to the Denso Group’s Policies regarding Conflict Minerals. Through cooperation with our business partners, we will continue to make efforts to avoid the use of minerals suspected of being procured through non-humanitarian acts.

DENSO Group Policies regarding Conflict Minerals
We, DENSO Corporation and its Group companies, promote the procurement of materials with consideration of their impact on the environment and social problems such as human rights infringement and others.
We recognize that the issue of conflict minerals, which originate from the Democratic Republic of the Congo or adjoining countries, is one of the significant social issues among supply chains.
We conduct inquiries about the usage of conflict minerals, and we will take appropriate steps to avoid procurement of materials that can cause social injustice or finance armed groups.
We also ask our suppliers to understand our policies and approaches and to promote responsible material procurement.

Green Procurement

Green Procurement Guideline

In accordance with the DENSO ECO VISION 2025, we have announced the green procurement guideline to reduce substances of environmental concern in our products.  Based on this guideline, we kindly request supplier's cooperation with the folloiwng:

(1) Establishment of environment management system
(2) Management and reduciton of substances of environmental concern in products
(3) Envirnment improvement activity in the manufacturing stage
(4) Lifecycle assessment
(5) Reduction of CO2 emission, packing materials in logistics

We promote green procurement by selecting eco-friendy materials and parts for our products.

Request for survey of substances of environmental concern in products

We are promoting green procurement by selecting eco-friendly materials and products. To promote green procurement, we kindly request supplier's cooperation in completing survey about the substances of environmental concern in products.
As a survey tool of substances of environmental concern in products, we adopt chemSHERPA that has been published by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).
For information about chemSHERPA, visit the following website.


Data submitted to our company will be based on chemSHERPA part data. However, if you want to prove that the substance does not contain any banned substance designated by our company, you must also submit a certificate of non-inclusion (The following are non-inclusion certificates:) of our company designation form.
If it is difficult to produce chemSHERPA part data, please consult with the technical department in charge of our company and agree to submit it with a non-inclusion certificate.(After submitting the non-inclusion certificate, when the chemSHERPA part data is created, Please also submit the chemSHERPA molding data to our company. )
Please submit a non-inclusion certificate to our company in a PDF file.Please keep the original paper in your company.

Documents our company Form Date of Update
Compliance Chemical Substance v258 2023/06/15

Documents about company standards are available from the following link. For download, you need to enter a user ID and password that have been provided from our purchasing department for each supplier. If you don't know or forget your user ID and/or password, please contact our purchasing department.

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