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Quality Assurance

Basic Stance

The DENSO Group Declaration of Corporate Behavior promises that the DENSO Group will provide safe, high-quality products that satisfy customers and earn their trust, under the Customer-First principle. As its basic policies of quality assurance, DENSO WAVE upholds the “pursuit of the best quality from the standpoint of customers,” “the practice of quality assurance from the beginning of production,” and “the promotion of quality control with full employee participation.” At the same time, based on information collected by sales and engineering departments, we are making continuous efforts to enhance customer satisfaction in all aspects, including quality, cost, and delivery period.

Basic Policies for Quality Assurance

Quality Policies

1.Pursuit of the best quality from the standpoint of customers
2.Practice of quality assurance from the beginning of production
3.Promotion of quality control with full employee participation
Specific actions we will take to provide customers with high-quality products in a timely manner are:
・Establishing the most appropriate quality for various uses of products
・Continuing and maintaining DENSO’s quality philosophy and control methods developed through the manufacture of auto parts
・Continuously improving the quality management system

Promotion Structure

We promote quality assurance based on the TQM (Total Quality Management) activities developed by DENSO, with the participation of top management.

1)Product quality assurance system that meets the needs of customers

In order to provide the best products for customers around the world that cater to regional characteristics, DENSO WAVE has established a global structure with operation bases in Japan, the United States, Germany, Thailand, China, Taiwan, and Indonesia.
DENSO WAVE has completed the acquisition of ISO 9001/2015, an international standard for quality management systems, for some of its products.
ISO 9001 specifies the requirements with respect to quality management systems.
It requires, regarding continuous improvement processes, a management circuit that ensures continuous growth.

ISO9001: 2015 certificate acquired
Certification body TÜV Rheinland Japan Ltd.
Certified standard ISO9001: 2015
Certificate registration No. 01 100 1534345
Scope of certification ・Design, development, manufacturing and manufacturing management, sales, service and service management of robot products and IoT products (factory products business unit products)
・Design, development, manufacturing and manufacturing management, sales and service management of system solution products (solution business unit products)
・Design, development, design/development management, manufacturing and manufacturing management, sales and service management of AUTO-ID products and controller products (edge products business unit products)

2)Quality Control

For the quality assurance process of new products, specialized departments such as quality control and production engineering are undertaking unified efforts to strictly check quality by visualizing the degree of product completion as well as quality-related risks.

Specific Initiatives

1) Product development that places ensuring safety as its top priority

In creating products, DENSO WAVE places the highest priority on ensuring the safety of its customers. From product planning to production and shipment, functional departments clearly specify the operational procedures and responsible departments, and strictly monitor compliance with applicable laws and regulations at each stage.
When launching new products in particular, the responsible departments are required to conduct safety evaluations based on internal regulations and to report on the results of legal compliance checks.

2)Education, training, and activities to raise awareness

DENSO WAVE considers hitozukuri (human resource development) to be the foundation of its business and thus nurtures technical and skilled employees in a systematic and ongoing manner, while also handing down the DENSO-style of monozukuri (manufacturing) through hands-on practical education and training.

◎Education, training, and activities to raise awareness
・E-learning programs offered for the DENSO Group companies located inside and outside Japan

◎Independent/mutual study and information sharing
・Quality Circle (QC) activities at each workplace (manufacturing sites)
・Company-wide QC Circle Competition in which Japanese and overseas Group companies and suppliers participate and share the results of their activities


Information Security

Information Security Policy

As a company engaged in businesses dealing with payment terminals and authentication devices, including cloud services, and the design, development and maintenance of industrial control equipment products, DENSO WAVE has developed the policy shown below:

Apr 12, 2023
Hiroaki Mizukoshi, Executive Officer

(Scope of ISMS Certification: Information security management regarding payment terminal and authentication device businesses, including cloud services(*), and the design, development and maintenance of industrial control equipment products)

(*)・Providing Q platform(R), Q-revo(R) service(Q-revo protection(TM), Q-revo reception(TM)),Device Management System and Device management center as a cloud service provider.
    ・Using Microsoft Azure as a cloud service customer.

For businesses dealing with payment terminals and authentication devices, including cloud services, and the design, development and maintenance of industrial control equipment products (hereinafter, “the Business”), information assets (received information, accumulated information, etc.) are important assets as sources for ensuring the stable continuity of business activities and contributing to the development of society. It is also a social responsibility to prevent information security-related accidents.

The organization engaged in the Business (hereinafter, “the Organization”) declares that in order to protect its information assets from threats to information security, it will handle the information assets in a correct and safe manner, thereby responding to the trust it has gained from society.

  1. 1.The Organization endeavors to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of important information assets.
  2. 2.The Organization complies with contractual agreements, as well as laws and regulations.
  3. 3.The Organization steadily implements various measures to establish information security.
  4. 4.All personnel involved in the use and operation of information assets of the Organization strictly observe the rules related to information security.

Our Certification Performance

ISMS and cloud security certification performance
(Refer to:International Certificate Authority of Management System WEB site)

Transportation of Li-Ion Batteries

Handling of Li-Ion Batteries and Lithium Metal Batteries

The transportation of lithium batteries is controlled under the United Nations

Recommendation, nternational Air Transport Association (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations, International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code, the laws of each country.
The lithium batteries used in our products are subject to the above laws and regulations. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the shipper to observe the laws and regulations. When transporting the target products by air or sea, the customers should check with the carrier and ask them to take appropriate measures.

In addition, there are regulations on land transportation (by railway or truck) in some countries and regions. In that case, similar actions need to be taken.

Inquiries on the handling of lithium batteries

Inquiries on automatic recognition

Inquiries on industrial robots


Customer Service

Basic Stance

DENSO WAVE has been committed to a policy that "products and services are integral.” In addition to pursuing product quality, DENSO WAVE operates service activities globally with a view to providing the best service to customers, according to the two principles below:

  • (1)Ensuring that products can be repaired precisely and promptly at reasonable cost in the case of failure
    → Offer products that users can feel safe using

  • (2)Reflecting customers’ voices on product development and improvement, and resolving customers’ complaints to their satisfaction
    → Offer ever-improved products

DENSO WAVE service activities

The DENSO WAVE’s cycle from product creation to the market includes constant feedback of quality information and market needs.

Promotion Structure

Global Service Structure

DENSO WAVE is promoting the establishment of a global service structure to meet customer needs, with the aim of providing services that always satisfy customers from around the world, irrespective of region.

<Example: Global service network for AUTO-ID products>

Protecting personal information

DENSO WAVE has established its Privacy Policy to strictly manage the prevention of leaks, unauthorized use, modification, etc. of the personal information provided by its customers.

Privacy Policy