CSR Management

  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Concept
  • DENSO Group Declaration of Corporate Behavior
  • Code of Conduct for DENSO Group Associates
  • Corporate Governance
  • Risk Management

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Concept


We, as a member of the DENSO Group, conduct business activities based on a slogan that dates from the time of the establishment of DENSO, "Contributing to a better world by creating new value," as our original standpoint and our mission.

Our business activities are supported by many stakeholders, including our customers, stockholders, suppliers and employees, as well as local communities and international society. To achieve our mission, it is vital to respond to the expectations of these stakeholders and cooperate with them, sharing common values with them. To this end, it is indispensable to build up a strong relationship of trust backed with ethical corporate activities.

Accordingly, in 2006, we formulated the "DENSO Group Declaration of Corporate Behavior” to announce our CSR policy, positioning CSR at the core of our management. Under this policy, we have been promoting activities to lay the foundation for a relationship of trust with our stakeholders, and initiatives to raise their sympathy and satisfaction regarding the foundation.

CSR Framework

DENSO Group Declaration of Corporate Behavior

We, DENSO Corporation and its Group companies,*will actively contribute toward the sustainable development of society through sincere business activities in each country and region.

We sincerely hope that all of our business partners will support our concept and take due action.

  • We will honor the culture and history of each country and region. We will strive to operate in a trustworthy manner with respect for people, and promote business activities to earn the trust of our stakeholders, under the leadership of the management of each company.
  • We will comply with both the letter and the spirit of the law and promote ethical behavior. We will promote open and fair information disclosure and dialogue.
  • We will anticipate changes and challenges in order to create new values. We will also work to ensure the best quality by focusing on on-site verification and implementing “Kaizen” (continuous improvement).
  • We will work toward the development of our employees by encouraging communication and teamwork.
  • Responsibility to customers

    For customers’ trust and satisfaction, we will create “new values.”

    • Based on our “Customer First” policy, we will develop and provide fascinating, safe products and services of high quality with advanced technology to respond to our customers’ expectations.
    • We will properly manage our intellectual property rights and strive not to infringe the rights of others, and protect the personal information of customers and everyone else with whom we are engaged in business.
  • Responsibility to employees

    We will respect our employees and provide a work environment that encourages each individual’s dynamic work.

    • We will maintain and improve a safe and healthy working environment for all of our employees.
    • We will build and share a sense of “mutual trust and responsibility” with employees through sincere communication and dialogue.
    • We will support fair work conditions and employment opportunities to encourage success within a diverse workforce. We will also honor human rights and will not tolerate any form of forced or child labor.
  • Responsibility to shareholders

    We will strive to enhance our corporate value and encourage dialogue with our shareholders.

    • We will strive to enhance our corporate value while achieving stable and long-term growth.
    • We will strive for transparency through timely and fair disclosure and dialogue regarding our operating and financial conditions.
  • Responsibility to business partners

    We will maintain open, fair and transparent dealings.

    • Our doors will be open to the world as we pursue fairness in all of our business transactions.
    • We will respect our business partners including our suppliers as good partners, and aim for mutual growth based on mutual trust.

Responsibility to international and local communities

We will aim for harmonious growth with society by proactively working toward environmental protection and the enhancement of security and safety throughout all areas of our business activities.

  • We will seek an optimal balance between society—including such factors as climate change, biodiversity, and traffic safety—and the economy in the way we develop technologies, operate our facilities, and act as individual employees.
  • We will work toward philanthropic activities that contribute to the harmony and well-being of each regional society in which we conduct business operations.
  • We will promote activities aimed at building a better future for each region, both independently and in partnership with community organizations.
  • We will comply with each country’s competition laws and endeavor to maintain sound and fair business operations.
  • We will ensure free and fair competition, avoiding involvement in any conduct, such as cartel behavior, that violates any applicable competition laws.
  • We will not tolerate collusion or bribery, and will maintain honest and fair relationships with government agencies and public authorities.
  • *Consolidated management companies, and companies in which DENSO is the primary shareholder

Code of Conduct for DENSO Group Associates

Basic Stance

We believe that key actions to earn the trust and understanding of society pertain to DENSO WAVE's observance of national and regional laws and all of its employees' fair and faithful conduct with the highest ethical standards.
Based on this recognition, we distribute to all employees the Code of Conduct for DENSO Group Associates formulated in 2006, which clearly indicates the standards of conduct for each and every employee, and utilize it to raise the CSR awareness of employees through education by employment level and other training.

Specific Initiatives

  • 1)Education and enlightenment

    DENSO WAVE continuously implements various types of compliance-related education and enlightenment activities aimed at raising the awareness of each employee, examples of which are listed below.

    ◎Principal employee enlightenment activities
    ・Education by employment level (such as new employee education)
    ・e-learning courses targeting employees with PCs
    ・Corporate Ethics Month (every October) Others

  • 2)Internal whistle-blowing system

    DENSO WAVE has established the Corporate Ethics Hotline system, which allows for reporting and consulting on work-related violations of laws and other matters by e-mail, by phone, in writing, or in person.

Corporate Governance

Basic Stance

DENSO WAVE believes that establishing a corporate governance system designed to strengthen its competitiveness is the key to maintaining and improving long-term corporate performance, and thus strives to enhance its governance.

Corporate Governance System and Principal Organizations

DENSO WAVE has developed various governance mechanisms in addition to statutory bodies such as the General Shareholders' Meeting, the Board of Directors, and the Board of Corporate Auditors.
Additionally, through a corporate officer system that divides and clarifies the roles between Directors, who are responsible for management (decision-making and supervision), and Corporate Officers, who are responsible for the execution of business operations, DENSO WAVE is streamlining its number of Directors and is realizing speedy decision-making and business operations. The term of office for Directors is set at one year, with the aim of building a flexible management structure that responds to changes in the management environment and furthering clarify management responsibilities during the business year.

Corporate Governance System

  • Board of Directors

    The Board of Directors acts as the decision-making body for management policies and important operational issues. Decisions are carried out with the majority of Directors in attendance and by a majority of their voting rights.

  • Top Management Meeting

    The Top Management Meeting is a deliberative body charged with discussing issues to be decided by the Board of Directors and other important issues that have a bearing on overall corporate management (company-wide business plans, investment issues, important transaction formats and collaborative projects, and other important management matters), and gives direction to corporate policy. Results of the Meeting's deliberations are reported to the Board of Directors for final decision-making, in accordance with the Rules for the Board of Directors.

  • Management Oversight Functions

    The Corporate Auditors with dedicated staff are responsible for monitoring the execution of duties by Directors as well as the business operations and financial conditions of DENSO WAVE and its subsidiaries.
    Aside from attending important meetings such as Board of Directors' meetings, Corporate Auditors fulfill their management oversight function by auditing Directors' business execution through information exchange with internal audit departments and departments related to internal control.

  • Development and Reinforcement of Internal Control

    With the aim of undertaking fair and efficient business operations, we have formulated the Basic Policies for Internal Control.

Risk Management

Basic Stance

DENSO WAVE is striving to enhance and strengthen its risk management as part of its internal control system to help minimize risks, which are increasingly diverse in line with the expansion of its business.

Promotion Structure

We have selected risk items based on the frequency and degree of their impact on lives, credit, business activities, and property. For each item, we have designated a responsible department and are working to strengthen preventive, primary, and recovery measures.

Specific Initiatives

  • 1)Spreading and raising awareness of risk management among employees

    To prevent risks and minimize damage if any risk arises, it is crucial that employees always be aware of risks and, if a risk arises, can take appropriate action. Based on this understanding, we have formulated the Risk Management Handbook and distribute it among our employees.

  • 2)Strengthening earthquake disaster risk response measures (formulation of a Business Continuity Plan)

    We have commenced the strengthening of earthquake disaster risk response measures (formulation of Business Continuity Plan [BCP])* from the perspective of business continuity management. We are also working to prepare an emergency situation manual and to complete countermeasures for disaster reduction.
    Furthermore, based on the premise of Life First, we are developing activities to include spreading and raising awareness among both employees and their families (such as initial response training and safety confirmation system drills).

  • * BCP:Business Continuity Plan
    A plan to restore business operations within a target time frame and minimize damage to business in the event that business is interrupted due to a major disaster such as an earthquake
  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Concept
  • DENSO Group Declaration of Corporate Behavior
  • Code of Conduct for DENSO Group Associates
  • Corporate Governance
  • Risk Management