With Our Local Communities

Corporate Citizenship Activities

Basic Stance

Under the belief that building and developing trust within local communities is one of the sources of steady business operations, DENSO WAVE is launching a variety of corporate citizenship activities in areas where its operation sites are located.

Specific Initiatives

DENSO WAVE promotes various initiatives, including activities mainly aimed at environmental protection and traffic safety, in cooperation with local residents.

“530 (Gomi-zero, or no garbage)” campaign

We clean the area around the company building.

Hana-Katsumi Garden weeding

We conduct voluntary weeding of the Hana-Katsumi Garden, adjacent to the north side of our Head Office.

Traffic safety promotion activities

Jointly with representatives of local residents and the police department, we stand along the roadside, calling to local residents to drive safely.

Visiting sales by welfare facility

We provide a venue for the sale of sweets and foods produced at a social welfare facility located near the Head Office.