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Technical Information

Update the BHT-1200-CE/BHT-1100-CE system (OS) using LAN/WLAN

Read this first

  • All the data and the registries stored in the RAM are initialized when the system (OS) is updated. You should back up the critical data before you start updating. For more details on the data backup, refer to the User’s Manual or visit here.
  • To prevent the battery from running out of power in the middle of the update, make sure that the battery is sufficiently charged. Or, place the BHT on the CU when updating the system.
  • The power cannot be cut off even with the power key during the update process (while the system software is being written onto the flash memory). To use the BHT, you should wait until the update is completed.

What You Need

  • BHT-1200-CE or BHT-1100-CE
  • Environments supporting LAN/WLAN connection
  • a PC, cable, an access point(s) where wireless LAN is used, or a cradle (CU-1211 or CU-1111) where wired LAN is used.
  • System program files

    You are required to download and then decompress the system program files supported by the BHT.

    BHT-1200-CE BHT-1100-CE
    >Download >Download

System Update Procedure

  1. Configure the environments appropriate for a LAN/WLAN connection and connect the BHT to the LAN cable.
    [For wired LAN]

    On the BHT side, open the control panel and connect the BHT according to [Network and Dial-up Connections].

    [For wireless LAN]

    On the BHT side, open the control panel and choose [BHTSettings] -> [Wireless LAN].
  2. Save the following files into any of the PC folders.
    BHT-1200-CE BHT-1100-CE



  3. Insert the fully-charged battery into the BHT.
  4. Click the power key to turn on the BHT.
  5. Adjust the date/time of the BHT in accordance with the PC’s settings. If the date/time is not correct, you may not log in to the PC from the BHT.
    You can adjust the date/time from [Date and Time] in the Control Panel.
  6. Open the Control Panel and double-click [BHTSettings].

  7. Double-click [OS Update].

  8. Select the [File Name] button.

  9. Enter the PC network name, the pathname of the program you saved and the system program name (extension "SY3").

  10. Check that the version of the system program you want to update is indicated.

  11. Tap [Exec].

  12. Tap [OK].

    The message [Updating OS] appears and the system update begins
    Once the system is successfully updated, the BHT is automatically full-reset (cold booted).
    You will see [Working] on the screen. Wait until the BHT is initiated.
  13. Double-click [BhtShell].

  14. Tap [6:Version].

  15. Check that the version is correctly updated.

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