Backups before long-term storage or full-reset.

How do you backup the data for long-term storage or full resetting the BHT to continuously use the BHT?

  Some kind of restoration works, such as reinstallation of the programs or reconfiguration of the registries, are required for
  long-term storage or full-reset of the BHT. Before starting the restoration works, you should backup the data in the
  following steps.

  2.     1.Configure the programs or files by referring to “Recommended Setup Procedure”.
  3.     2.Backup the data (files) and/or registries with the backup tool.
         Tap [BhtShell] -> [3:System Properties] -> [Bht Baukup] to turn on the backup tool.
  4.      For how to use the backup tool, refer to Section 4.4.3 [9] “Data Backup (Bht Backup)” in the User’s Manual.


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