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Technical Information

Application Development Manual | Receiving files

Receiving files


Receive files with the BHT-protocol, BHT-Ir protocol, and Ymodem protocol.


Detailed Description

This OUT statement specifies the communications protocol for subsequent file transfers with XFILE statements.

XFILE statement can receive both a program file and a data file.
If the BHT already has a file with the same name, the new file generally replaces the old one. Note that the existing file must be closed before receiving the new one in those cases.

If the new file has a different field structure from the existing one, the download aborts with run-time error 3Dh. Delete the file and try again.

We recommend that file transfer routines use error trapping, displaying an error message offering to retry, because the process is subject to communications errors--the target PC might not be ready or the BHT might not be firmly seated in the CU, for example. →Error trapping

Pressing the C key during a file transfer aborts the transfer with run-time error 47h.

The BHT-7000, BHT-7500, BHT-8000, and BHT-100 series do not support the Ymodem protocol.


Receive the file TEST.PD4 using the Ymodem protocol.

  open "COM1:115200" as #1
out &h6060, 3
xfile "TEST.PD4"
close #1

Receive the file TEST1.DAT using the Ymodem protocol.

  open "COM1:115200" as #1
out &h6060, 3
xfile "TEST1.DAT"
close #1

Receive the file TEST2.DAT using the BHT-Ir protocol.

  open "COM1:115200" as #1
out &h6060, 2
xfile "TEST2.DAT"
close #1

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