DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED and RFKeeper Ltd. conclude a business collaboration agreement aiming at expanding RFID solutions and increasing popularity in the market.


DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED (Head Office: Agui-cho, Chita-gun, Aichi, Japan President and CEO: Hiroyasu Nakagawa) and RFKeeper Ltd. (Head Office in Israel CEO: Haim Bar-On), an RFID software solution provider concluded a business collaboration agreement aiming at expanding retail solutions utilizing RFID technology.


Supply chains companies and retailers mainly led by the apparel industry have recently improved their business operations by using RFID. The cost of RFID tags has also been lowered and it is assumed that the number of RFID tags to be issued will rapidly and widely increase all over the world.


Under these circumstances, DENSO WAVE have worked on the development of RFID devices since 1980s. In 2018, we developed the RFID reader that achieves the world-leading scanning speed of 700 tags per second. We also established an RFID specific laboratory room, the RFID co-LAB., in Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku, Tokyo and have provided extensive values, for example, by providing users with a test environment for scanning tags when they install the device for the first time.


RFKeeper Ltd. have developed an IoT solution platform that enables the user to control merchandise, provide real time visibility into retailers supply chain, in-store customer engagement solutions and data analytics. RFKeeper platform provide users with solutions for improving business efficiency and customer experience.


Through this business collaboration agreement, DENSO WAVE and RFKeeper Ltd. will be able to provide companies in the supply chain and retail industries, globally with excellent End-To End RFID solutions, and aim to contribute to the improvement of efficiency and convenience


DENSO WAVE are dedicated to achieve the improvement of business efficiency utilizing RFID technology and continue to create new values in the digital technology.

RFKeeper Ltd. Company Overview


  1. Company name               :    R.F Keeper Ltd.
  2. Chief Executive Officer    :    Haim Bar-On (CEO)
  3. Head Office Location       :    Israel
  4. Business Activities           :    Development of retail solution system dedicated to RFID
  5. URL                                 :


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