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Application Development Manual | Waiting for bar code input

Waiting for bar code input


Suspend the user application program, waiting for bar code input.


Detailed Description

This particular WAIT statement waits for port 0 bit 1 to go to 1, indicating that there is data in the bar code buffer. Specifying other bits as well terminates the wait, for example, on key input or when the specified timeout interval has elapsed.

Wait for bar code input
  open "bar:" as #1 code "A"
wait 0,&h02
Wait for bar code input or key press
  open "bar:" as #1 code "A"
wait 0,&h03
Wait for bar code input, key press, or timeout (3 seconds)
  open "bar:" as #1 code "A"
timea = 30                 'set timeout interval to 3 seconds
wait 0,&h13

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