Installation is unsuccessful on Windows XP

Even if I installed the USB-COM Port Driver as the Administrator, the driver has not been copied and the installation has been terminated. Otherwise, once installed the driver works fine, but the driver disappears after rebooting my PC. How do I succeed at the driver insatllation?

Does your Windows XP prevent the unsigned driver software?

DENSO WAVE USB-COM Port Driver does not have the digital sign of Microsoft Corporation. If your Windows XP needs the sign at the following two settings, the installation of DENSO WAVE USB-COM Port Driver will become unsuccessful.


(1)Driver Signing Options
Open "Control Panel" and push "Driver Signing" button on "Hardware" tab. Change "Block" to "Ignore" or "Warn" on "Driver Signing Options" dialog.

(2)Security Options of Local Policies in Local Security Settings
Open "Local Security Settings" of "Administrative Tools" in Control Panel. Select Security Options in "Local Policies" tree.
Look at "Devices:Unsigned driver installation behavor" and change "Do not allow installation" to "Silently succeed" or "Warn but allow installation".

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