How to control the buzzer/LED of BHT in a remote desktop environment

Is it possible to control the buzzer/LED of BHT in a remote desktop environment?

A Remote Desktop Plug-in for controlling the local devices on a BHT unit including the barcode reader, buzzer, and LEDs in the Microsoft Windows terminal service/remote desktop environment is provided.




A BHT unit is connected to the remote host through a LAN/WLAN as a remote desktop client of Windows CE, and it can run application software on the remote host. Since the screen of the application is transferred to the BHT unit as it is, the operator can operate the application as if it is run on the unit.
It is possible to develop an application on a remote host using dedicated functions on the BHT unit in the C/C++, VB.NET, or C# programming language, and to control local devices on the unit from an application on the remote host.



For the details of the Remote Desktop Plug-in, see the “RDP Plug-in Reference Manual” included in the SDK


Supported BHT models: BHT-1100 Series, BHT-1200 Series*1, BHT-1300 (Windows-OS) Series, and BHT-1400 Series*2
*1: The Remote Desktop Plug-in does not support the RF tag communication function of BHT-1281QULWB-CE.
*2: BHT-1406QIWBG does not support the Remote Desktop Plug-in.


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