BHT-700Q-CE series User's Manual


File Name Date of Update
BHT-700Q-CE series User's Manual 8th Edition (8,002KB) 02/17/2012

Update history

Version Updated contents Updated on
8th Edition Enable STF code reading on English version. Feb 17 ,2012
7th Edition Added the menu of the power supply key and GPRS to the system environment setting menu. Nov 23 ,2010
6th Edition -- Apr 14 ,2010
5th Edition -- Feb 09 ,2010
4th Edition -- Nov 25 ,2009
3rd Edition Addition of BHT-700QWB-CE Model.
Addition of total contents.
Addition of safety precaution about handling the handbelt.
Addition of safety precaution about temperature at charging batteries.
Change to intelligible descriptions in Proper care of the BH
Jun 26 ,2009
2nd Edition -- May 25 ,2009
1st Edition -- Mar 31 ,2010

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