List of Download Files:BHT with Windows CE series

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File Name Size Date of Update
BHT-700Q WindowsMobile User's Manual 7,308KB 11/23/2010 detail
BHT-700B WindowsMobile User's Manual 7,567KB 11/23/2010 detail
kbifCE(Keyboard Interface Software) for WindowsMobile User's Guide 724KB 07/16/2009 detail
BHT-700Q-CE series User's Manual 8,002KB 02/17/2012 detail
BHT-700B-CE series User's Manual 5,896KB 11/23/2010 detail
BHT-400 Series Operator's Guide 1,689KB 03/31/2010 detail
BHT-460(480)B/BW-CE User's Manual 5,297KB 09/15/2008 detail
BHT-400BB/BWB-CE User's Manual 4,749KB 09/15/2008 detail
BHT-400B/BW-CE User's Manual 4,892KB 09/15/2008 detail
BHT-202Q-CE/BHT-202QW-CE Operator's Guide 3,557KB 03/31/2010 detail
BHT-202Q-CE/BHT-202QW-CE Operator's Guide for USA 2,016KB 03/31/2010 detail
BHT-202Q-CE/BHT-202QW-CE Operator's Guide Chinese Ver. 2,759KB 03/31/2010 detail
BHT-202B-CE/BHT-202BW-CW Operator's Guide 3,692KB 03/31/2010 detail
BHT-200B/BW-CE User's Manual 11MB 06/28/2005 detail
BHT-202B/BW-CE User's Manual 3,150KB 09/15/2008 detail
BHT-200Q/BHT-200QW User's Manual (US,Canada) 9,645KB 09/01/2004 detail
BHT-202Q/BHT-202QW User's Manual (US,Canada) 2,057KB 11/02/2006 detail
BHT-202Q/BHT-202QW User's Manual (EU,Asia) 2,051KB 09/15/2008 detail
BHT-100BW-CE User's Manual 5,332KB 08/28/2003 detail
Virtual Serial Port Bar Code/2D Code Reading Manual 203KB 04/28/2005 detail
BHT-1100B-CE series User's Manual 9,569KB 03/05/2018 detail
BHT-1200 series User's Manual 12MB 01/31/2018 detail
BHT-1300-CE (Windows Embedded Compact 7) series User's Manual - 05/12/2020 detail
BHT-1200-CE (Windows Embedded Compact 7) series User's Manual - 04/16/2019 detail
BHT-1400-CE (Windows Embedded Compact 7) series User's Manual - 04/04/2019 detail
BHT-1281QULWB-CE User's Manual 12MB 12/15/2017 detail
BHT-1281QULWB-CE for China User's Manual 12MB 08/31/2017 detail
Device Management System User's Manual - 04/12/2024 detail

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