IoT Solutions

Connection changes the world. Connection makes the next generation.

In today's flow of diversity in business environment,
cross-field connection makes the innovation.

Factory IoT

To make a factory IoT-ready, it is necessary to gather information from various
devices in a factory and link them with an application platform.
By utilizing "ORiN" technology, DENSO WAVE provides IoT products designed for "IoT Data Management Platform",
which realizes unified access to both existing old equipment and the latest state-of-the-art equipment.

IoT system architecture

IoT system architecture

  1. *1. Real-time Data Interface: Provide the current data directly to the application platform (via standard protocol)
  2. *2. Historical Data Interface: Provide the historical data indirectly to the application platform (via database, file, or others)
  3. *3. Direct Device Interface: Collect data directly from factory equipment (via Ethernet, RS232C, or others)
  4. *4. Network Device Interface: Collect data indirectly from factory equipment (via field network)

IoT Products Lineup

  • IoT Data Server Data Integration Controller
  • IoT Data Studio Data Integration Software
  • ORiN2 SDK PC Integration Middleware

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