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IoT Architecture

Tsuzumi*-model: Triple-channel data integration architecture robust enough to support "Industrie 4.0 era"

Today's rapidly progressing technology, application and devices are varying, advancing, and complicating interminably. Tsuzumi-model makes simple and secure linkage between such applications, devices, and application-device to improve efficiency and expandability in smart factory.

*Tsuzumi (鼓) : Traditional Japanese hand drum

"Tsuzumi-model" image

IoT Products make the IoT system connection more simple, secure,
and standardized to realize the smart factory in a quick and efficient manner!

Triple-channel architecture

①Application ⇔ Device

Integrating automation device information into IoT Products and connecting them with various applications will make the IoT system structure more simple and secure.

②Device ⇔ Device

To link automation devices information, you only have to configure IoT Products, therefore, the program change on automation devices will be minimized.

③Application ⇔ Application

Information among applications can be linked with functions of IoT Products. As optimum industry standard application platform can be selected and used, the architecture minimizes the system cost.

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