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PC integration middleware to realize communication
with automation devices in various equipment

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Provider list


ORiN2 SDK is "PC Integration Middleware" for software development based on the standard middleware specification "ORiN" for factory information system.

With this middleware, users easily control various automation devices and develop equipment information collection systems by using computer general programming languages.
Also, this middleware has development assistance functions to realize connection with various automation devices and integration with other communication standards.

Providing standard interfaces

To make the system development of distributed object technology-supporting systems (such as DCOM, SOAP) easy, two types of standard interfaces are prepared; for application and for device.

Application reuse

Providing a common gateway for different communication specifications improves the reusability of existing application.

Development tool options

OLE (COM, Active-X) -supported development tools are available.
●Visual C++  ●C++ Builder  ●Visual Basic  ●Delphi  ●LabVIEW  ●Excel  etc.

Create original provider

With "Provider Wizard", users can create original provider for function expansion.

Package list

Package Type ORiN2 Software Development Kit (Ver. 2.1.58)
Provider Development Runtime + Utilities Set Runtime DENSO Products
Purpose Provider Development +
Execution Environment
Execution Environment +
Expanded Components
Execution Environment Execution Environment
(limited to DENSO Products)
Application Support Binary Source Support Binary Source Support Binary Source Support Binary Source
ORiN engine (*1)        
ORiN provider development tools                    
ORiN provider (*2)
39 200 62 39 200 0 39 200 0 22 43 0
Test and configuration tools     (*8)   (*8)  
CaoOPC (*3)                
CaoOPCUA (*4)                
CaoSQL (*5)        
CaoUPnP (*6)                    
CaoScript (*7)                    
  1. *1. EXE type COM component. It is middleware that implements ORiN interface and works as a core of ORiN. It provides common function and ORiN interface for client.
  2. *2. DLL type COM component. It is communication interface connecting automation devices and computers. It absorbs the communication specification differences among devices.
  3. *3. Gateway module for ORiN that provides OPC server functions.
  4. *4. Gateway module for ORiN that provides OPC UA server functions. If you use CaoOPCUA, you need to prepare an OPC UA server license separately.
  5. *5. It is middleware for data management that collects data from various automation devices and provides the collected data to the client application of CaoSQL (e.g., operation management and production instruction software).
  6. *6. Gateway module for ORiN that provides UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) device functions.
  7. *7. Simple program development environment. Users can develop simple application programs with script language (CaoScript).
  8. *8. Only CaoConfig, and CaoTester are offered.
ORiN is a trademark or registered trademark of Japan Robot Association.
OPC is a trademark or registered trademark of OPC Foundation in the U.S. and/or other countries.


System requirements

OS Windows 11 Pro
Pro for Workstations
Windows 11 IoT Enterprise GAC
Windows 10 Pro
Enterprise LTSC 2021
Enterprise LTSC 2019
Enterprise LTSB 2016
Pro for Workstations
Windows 10 IoT Enterprise GAC / SAC
Enterprise LTSC 2021
Enterprise LTSC 2019
Enterprise LTSB 2016
Windows 8.1 Pro / Enterprise
Windows 7 Professional / Enterprise / Ultimate
Windows Server 2022 Standard / Datacenter / Essentials
Windows Server 2019 Standard / Datacenter / Essentials
Windows Server 2016 Standard / Datacenter / Essentials
Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard / Datacenter / Essentials
CPU Multi-core processor 2GHz or faster
Memory 2GB or more
HDD More than 1GB of free space
Windows is a trademark or registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.


Manufacturer Provider Name Target ORiN2 SDK
Runtime or higher DENSO Products
Alibaba 1 Alibaba Cloud IoT Platform Provider Alibaba Cloud  
Amazon 2 AWS IoT Provider Amazon Web Service IoT  
Amazon 3 AWS S3 Provider AWS S3  
Balluff 4 Balluff IO-Link Provider IO-Link device (IO-Link communications)  
Beckhoff Automation 5 TwinCAT3 ADS Provider TwinCAT3 ADS interface  
DENSO 6 IoTDS Provider IoT Data Server, IoT Data Share
FANUC 7 FIELD system Provider FIELD system BOX  
Fujitsu 8 COLMINA Provider COLMINA Platform  
Google 9 Cloud IoT Core Provider Cloud IoT Core  
Google 10 Cloud Pub/Sub Provider Cloud Pub/Sub  
Google 11 Cloud Storage Provider Cloud Storage  
IBM 12 Watson IoT Platform Provider IBM Cloud Internet of Things Platform  
Microsoft 13 Azure IoT Provider Microsoft Azure IoT Hub  
Microsoft 14 Azure Storage Provider Azure Storage  
Roboticsware 15 IPLink Provider FA-Driver (Ver4.0, 5.0)-supported device (IPLink connection) ✓ (*1)  
SAP 16 SAP Cloud IoT Platform Provider SAP Cloud  
Siemens 17 MindConnect Provider MindSphere  
18 b-CAP Provider b-CAP device (b-CAP communications)
19 CAP Provider CAP device (CAP communications)  
20 CoAP Provider CoAP device (CoAP communications)  
21 CORBA Provider CORBA server device (Gateway for CORBA)  
22 Database Provider OLE database access  
23 DataImport Provider CSV file read  
24 DDE Provider DDE connection  
25 ECHONET Lite Provider ECHONET Lite-ready equipment (Gateways for ECHONET Lite)  
26 e-CAP Provider e-CAP device (e-CAP communications)  
27 FL-net Provider FL-net device (Gateway for FL-net) ✓ (*2)  
28 FTP Provider FTP server (FTP communications)
29 FTPS Provider FTPS server (FTPS communications)
30 HLA Provider HLA platform (Gateway for HLA)  
31 LocalFile Provider General purpose file access
32 MESX Provider Gateway for MESX  
33 Modbus Provider Modbus RTU / ASCII / TCP device (Modbus communications)  
34 OPC Provider OPC server device (Gateway for OPC)  
35 OPC UA Provider OPC UA server device (Gateway for OPC UA)  
36 OPC UA Multiple Provider OPC UA server supported devices (Multiple)  
37 RAC Provider RAC device (RAC communication)  
38 RAOP Provider RAOP Provider (Gateway for ORiN1)  
39 rosserial Provider ROS (Robot Operating System)  
40 SMTP Provider SMTP mail server
41 Stream Provider TCP, UDP, RS-232C (General purpose communication)



Manufacturer Provider Name Target ORiN2 SDK
Runtime or higher DENSO Products
Fujitsu 1 VPS Provider VPS (Virtual Product Simulator)  
Trellix 2 EmbeddedControl Provider Trellix Embedded Control  
3 Blackboard Provider Blackboard model form data sharing  
4 CRD Provider CRD file access
5 DataQueue Provider General purpose data queuing
6 DataStore Provider General purpose data sharing
7 Dummy Provider Dummy for application development
8 Dummy Camera Provider Dummy camera for application development
9 Dummy CNC Provider Dummy CNC for application development
10 Dummy Panel Provider Dummy panel for application development
11 Dummy PLC Provider Dummy PLC for application development
12 Dummy Robot Provider Dummy robot for application development
13 ICMP Provider Ping command (ICMP)  
14 ISO16100 Provider ISO16100-compliant XML file  
15 ISO20242 Provider ISO20242 ANNEX C-compliant XML file  
16 JSON Provider JSON
17 Ping Provider Ping command (Raw socket)
18 Timer Provider Timer control services
19 VBP Provider Gateway for VB6 Provider



Manufacturer Provider Name Target ORiN2 SDK
Runtime or higher DENSO Products
CONTEC 1 AIO Provider AIO board  
CONTEC 2 CNT Provider CNT board  
CONTEC 3 DIO Provider DIO board (WDM)  
CONTEC 4 DIO98 Provider DIO board (98PC)  
CONTEC 5 FIT Provider F&eIT series  
CONTEC 6 GPIB Provider GPIB board  
Hilscher 7 CIF Provider CIF board  
Hilscher 8 CIFX Provider CIFX board  
Hivertec 9 CTR Provider CTR board ✓ (*3)  
Interface 10 Interface DeviceNet Provider DeviceNet PCI board  
LANTRONIX 11 XPort Provider XPort (Small network adapter)  
LANTRONIX 12 XPort6 Provider XPort6 (Small network adapter)  
OMRON 13 OMRON DeviceNet Provider DeviceNet PCI board  
PATLITE 14 PHC Provider PHC-D08 (Interface converter)  
PATLITE 15 PHN Provider PHN (Interface converter)  
Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX 16 S-Link Provider SL-PCI board (*4) ✓ (*3)  
Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX 17 S-LinkV Provider SL-VPCI board  
Woodhead 18 SSTCCS Provider CC-Link Slave PCI board ✓ (*3)  
Woodhead 19 SSTDN3 Provider DeviceNet PCI board ✓ (*3)  



Manufacturer Provider Name Target ORiN2 SDK
Runtime or higher DENSO Products
DENSO 1 NetwoRC Provider RC7, RC5
DENSO 3 RC9 Provider RC9
FUTABA 4 RSC-U485 Provider RSC-U485  
IAI 5 E-Con Provider E-Con series  
IAI 6 PCON Provider Positioner type controller ✓ (*2)  
IAI 7 SEL Provider Program type controller ✓ (*2)  
Kawasaki Heavy Industries 10 KRCC Provider F series controller, E series controller  
Kondo Kagaku 11 RCB-1 Provider RCB-1  
Kondo Kagaku 12 RCB-3 Provider RCB-3  
Yamaha Motor 13 RCX Provider RCX series ✓ (*2)  
Yamaha Motor 14 RCX3 Provider RCX3 series  
Yamaha Motor 15 SR1 Provider SR1 / DRCX series ✓ (*2)  



Manufacturer Provider Name Target ORiN2 SDK
Runtime or higher DENSO Products
Koganei 1 EWHA Provider EWHA (Controller for electric gripper)  
TAIYO 2 ESC11 Provider ESC11 (Controller for electric gripper)  
TAIYO 3 ESC11PCI Provider ESC11 (PCI for DENSO robot controller)  



Manufacturer Provider Name Target ORiN2 SDK
Runtime or higher DENSO Products
KEYENCE 1 KV Provider KV series  
KEYENCE 2 KVCOM Provider KV, KV Nano series ✓ (*1)  
Mitsubishi Electric 3 MELSEC Provider MELSEC data link library-supported device  
Mitsubishi Electric 4 MELSEC AnA Provider MELSEC A series  
Mitsubishi Electric 5 MELSEC QnA3C Provider MELSEC Q series (Serial communication)  
Mitsubishi Electric 6 MELSEC QnA3E Provider MELSEC Q series (Ethernet communication)  
Mitsubishi Electric 7 MxComponent Provider MxComponent-supported device ✓ (*1)  
Mitsubishi Electric 8 MxComponent4 Provider MxComponent4-supported device ✓ (*1)  
Mitsubishi Electric 9 PCLink Provider FX sequencer  
OMRON 10 CJ Provider CJ series  
OMRON 11 CJ TAG Provider CJ series (Tag access)  
OMRON 12 NJ Provider NJ series, NX series, NX1P series, NY5**-1 series (Ver1.14 or later)  
OMRON 13 Sysmac Studio Provider Sysmac Studio  
Rockwell Automation 14 Logix5000 Provider ControlLogix, CompactLogix series  
SHIBAURA MACHINE 15 TCmini Provider TCminiα TC3-02  
Siemens 16 PLCSIM Provider SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM Advanced ✓ (*2)  
Siemens 17 S7NetPlus Provider S7 series  
18 SLMP Provider SLMP compatible device  



Manufacturer Provider Name Target ORiN2 SDK
Runtime or higher DENSO Products
BROTHER INDUSTRIES 1 Protocol2 Provider SPEEDIO series  
Mitsubishi Electric 2 MELSERVO Provider MR-J2S-CP  
YASKAWA Electric 3 Ns300 Provider Ns300 series  
4 MTConnect Provider MTConnect device  



Manufacturer Provider Name Target ORiN2 SDK
Runtime or higher DENSO Products
Asyril 1 EYE+ Provider EYE+ Controller  
Basler 2 Pylon GigE Provider ACE series (GigE camera)
Baumer 3 VeriSens Provider VeriSens series (Smart camera)  
Canon 4 N10-W02 Provider N10-W02 (Camera for COBOTTA)
Canon 5 RV Provider RV series  
Canon 6 WebView Livescope Provider WebView Livescope series
Cognex 7 In-Sight Provider In-Sight series  
DALSA 8 Genie Provider Genie (Vision-supported area camera)  
IDS 9 uEye Provider uEye SE, LE series (USB 2.0 camera)
KEYENCE 10 CV Provider CV series  
KEYENCE 11 CVX Provider CV-X100 series  
KEYENCE 12 V-Works for XG Provider XG-7000 / 8000 series  
KEYENCE 13 XGX Provider XG-X2000 series  
LINX 14 GINGA Provider GINGA board  
Matrox 15 RobCom Provider Matrox Design Assistant  
OMRON 16 F160 Provider F160  
OMRON 17 FZ Provider FZ3, FZ4, FZ5, FH, FZM1, FQ-M, FQ2  
Panasonic 18 A110 Provider A110 (Micro image checker)  
Panasonic 19 PV Provider PV series  
RICOH 20 R-GigE Provider GigE camera  
SHARP 21 IV Provider IV series  
SICK 22 PLOC2D Provider PLOC2D-654C, PLOC2D-632C, PLOC2D-2000, PLOC2D-631C, PLOC2D-631S
23 DirectShow Provider DirectShow-supported camera
24 HALCON Provider HALCON (Image processing library)
25 OpenCV Provider DirectShow-supported camera ✓ (*2) ✓ (*2)
26 USB Camera Provider DirectShow-supported camera (USB camera)  


Sensor (Displacement meter)Sensor (Displacement meter)

Manufacturer Provider Name Target ORiN2 SDK
Runtime or higher DENSO Products
KEYENCE 1 GT Provider GT & DL-RS1A  
KEYENCE 2 GT2DLEP1 Provider GT2 & DL-EP1  
KEYENCE 3 ILDLEP1 Provider IL series & DL-EP1  
KEYENCE 4 LJ-V7000 Provider Two-dimensional laser displacement meter  
KEYENCE 5 LJ-X8000 Provider LJ-X8000  
KEYENCE 6 LJ-X8000A Provider LJ-X8000A  
KEYENCE 7 LK-G3000 Provider LK-G3000, LK-G3000P, LK-G3000V, LK-G3000PV  
KEYENCE 8 LK-G3000LkIF Provider LK-G3000, LK-G3000P, LK-G3000V, LK-G3000PV  
KEYENCE 9 LK-G5000 Provider LK-G5000  
OMRON 10 ZG2 Provider ZG2  
OMRON 11 ZS Provider ZS  
OMRON 12 ZX Provider ZX  
Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX 13 HL-C2 Provider HL-C2  
Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX 14 HL-D3 Provider HL-D3  
Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX 15 HL-G1 Provider HL-G1  
Panasonic Industrial Devices SUNX 16 TRC11 Provider TR-C1 (*4)  


Sensor (Other)Sensor (Other)

Manufacturer Provider Name Target ORiN2 SDK
Runtime or higher DENSO Products
DENSO 2 AN Provider AN series
DENSO 3 FD Provider FD2 series
DENSO 4 IC Card Provider PR-450, PR-550, QK12-IC
DENSO 5 Q-Platform Provider Q-Platform
DENSO 6 Scanner Provider AT series, GT series, QK series and other scanners
DENSO 7 SE1-HU-P Provider SE1-HU-P
DENSO 8 UR20 Provider UR20 series
DENSO 9 UR30 Provider UR30 series
DENSO 10 UR40 Provider UR40 series
KEYENCE 12 FSN40NUEP1 Provider FS-N40  
Mettler Toledo 13 WMF204C Provider WMF204C  
NITTA 14 IFS Provider 6-axis force sensor  
OJIYA SEIKI 15 ad-L8 Provider ad-L8 (Digital type air micrometer)  
OMRON 16 V600 Provider V600 (Compact ID controller)  
SINTOKOGIO 17 ZYXer Provider ZYXer Low load model, Standard model, Middle load model, High load model
Takasu Giken 18 RLW Provider Compact torque sensor
UNIPULSE 19 TMF Provider Torque meter, Force measurement  
WACOH 20 DynPick Provider DynPick series (Force sensor)  
WACOH 21 WDF-6A Provider 6-axis force sensor  



Manufacturer Provider Name Target ORiN2 SDK
Runtime or higher DENSO Products
DENSO 1 TPComm Provider Teaching pendant
SensAble 2 PHANTOM Provider PHANTOM  
3 3D mouse Provider 3D mouse  
4 DirectInput Provider DirectInput-supported device
5 Joystick Provider Windows-supported joystick  



Manufacturer Provider Name Target ORiN2 SDK
Runtime or higher DENSO Products
CCS 1 PD3 Provider PD3 series (Digital dimmer power source for LED light)  
CCS 2 PDS Provider PDS-10, PDS-30 (Digital dimmer power source for LED light)  
CONTEC 3 SMC Provider SMC board  
EPSON 4 ESCPOS Provider ESC/POS command-supported printer  
flexfactory 5 anyfeed Provider anyfeed  
KEBA 6 ACF Provider Active Contact Flange  
KEYENCE 7 LaserMarker Provider Laser marker  
Leimac 8 IPPA Provider IPPA series (LED lighting pulse controller)  
Panasonic 10 ANB Provider ANB86001 / 3 (Digital dimmer power source for light)  
SATO 11 SBPL Provider CLNX-J series  
Strawberry Linux 12 USBRH Provider USBRH-FG  
Toshiba Tec 13 TPCL Provider B-EX series  


  1. *1. Need to purchase additional license from the manufacturer
  2. *2. Need to purchase additional license from DENSO WAVE
  3. *3. Compatible with only Windows XP
  4. *4. Discontinued products

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