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IoT Solutions Online Navigator IoTナビゲーションシステム


Log in to the navigator and start learning

From the "Login" button at the upper right of the page, log in through the ID and password entry
screen and start the navigation.

*To log in, you must register as a member of DENSO IoT MEMBER.

For first-time users

Please refer to the "System Guide and User Guide" below.
[Trial version] can be used



Learn the features, functions, and roles of the products, and step-by-step procedures
for connecting to equipment and setting up the various products.
Proceed the learning steps at your own pace.
Visual image of the actual screen helps your smooth understanding of the product needed
for introduction consideration and facility design.


Browsable anytime 24hours from your PC to confirm about the operational questions or setting methods.
At worksite or at home, regardless of time, the site is accessible for quick question solving to contribute improving work efficiency at the time of installation and operation.


Leaning screens for easy imaging of the actual operations.Leaning screens for easy imaging of the actual operations.


  • Operations on the actual screens are easily imaginable,
    and are described in steps according to the operation procedure.

  • The navigation is easy to understand with
    step-by-step procedures and easy to go back and recheck.

  • Pop-up display is shown to confirm related information.

At your own pace, whenever you like 24 hours a day.At your own pace, whenever you like 24 hours a day.

Learning history

You can check the progress from the learning history.
Since the learning history remains, you can resume from Lesson even if you interrupt the learning.

Learning flow of learning content (example)

SupportSupport contents

Search functions to quickly access  the required informationSearch functions to quickly access  the required information


  • Three search functions to quickly access the
    required information.

  • Architecture search to look up from
    "things" connected to IoT system.

  • Function search to look up from "functions"
    to be set on equipment and IoT products.

  • Keyword search to look up from the "words"
    related to the installation and other processes.

  • A list of installation settings and operations,
    categorized by "things", "functions" and "words".

Enables setting while checking the operation method and procedure.Enables setting while checking the operation method and procedure.


The overview presentation at the beginning shows
the system configuration diagram.
You can have an image of the connection and flow of things.

The actual operation screen explains the settings and operations.
Follow the instructions to complete the procedure.

Anytime, anywhere in a PC environmentAnytime, anywhere in a PC environment

Recommended system requirements

Recommended environment

In order to use this system safely and comfortably, we recommend the following environment for browsing.

* Please be aware that if the product is not used in the recommended environment, improper display or operation may occur.

* Recommended environment may be revised as necessary.

[ OS ]

  • Windows Latest version
  • Mac OS Latest version

[ Browser ]

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 Latest version
  • Microsoft Edge Latest version
  • Google Chrome Latest version
  • Safari Latest version

* "The latest version" is the latest software version at the time of publication.

[ Screen size ]

1920 x 1080 Pixel

About recommended display settings

This system is intended for viewing at horizontal size : 1920 x vertical size : 1080 pixels. When browsing with a compact monitor size such as a laptop, page scrolling may occur frequently at 100% display depending on the browser, and comfortable browsing may not be possible. In such a case, if you can reduce the zoom factor by using the browser display setting, you can browse within the screen ratio specified by this system.

[ Recommended browser zoom ](13.3~ for 15.6-inch monitor size)

  • 100%~75%

* If reduced to 75% or less, it may not be displayed correctly.

[ Reference setting ]

  • 13.3-inch monitor (Resolution : 1366 x 768, Zoom : 100%)…80%
  • 15.6-inch monitor (Resolution : 1920 x 1080, Zoom : 150%)…75%

Try it now.Try it now.

Learning contents [Trial version]

First try using [Trial version] and experience the system.
After obtaining the ID and password through simple membership registration and logging in,
you can proceed to the subsequent learning content.

TrialStart the trial version

Learning contents [ Trial version ]

[ Basics ] IoT products basics and their operation / utilization

You can experience Chapter 1, Lesson 1,
"Configuring the IoT Data Server".

Start [ Trial version ]



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