DENSO WAVE’s Senior Management Organization


We would like to inform you of our senior management organization, which were approved at the shareholders meeting and the board of directors meeting in June. These changes were effective June on 14th, 2023.

We are confident that our profound relationship between you and us will be firmer and we will strengthen the customer satisfaction through providing high quality products and services under new management.

We appreciate your kind support and thoughtful advice.


Members of the Board

Title Name
Representative Director Takayoshi Sagara
Executive Director Eiji Tanaka
Executive Director Nobuyuki Tamaki
Executive Director Katsuhiko Toji
Executive Director Eiji Matsuzaki
Executive Director Masashi Suzuki (new)

Audit and Supervisory Boad Members

Title Name
Corporate Auditor Satoshi Muramatsu

Executive Officers

Title Name Main organizational responsibility
President & CEO Takayoshi Sagara Production Group, Safety Health & Environment Department
Senior Managing Executive Officer Eiji Tanaka Corporate Planning Division, H.R.& General Admin Division, Audit & RM Department, Legal Department, Purchasing Department
Managing Executive Officer Nobuyuki Tamaki Sales & Marketing Group, Customer Service Division
Managing Executive Officer Katsuhiko Toji R&D Division, Information System Division, Quality Assurance Division, CN Business Development Department
Executive Officer Masahiro Kamiya Edge Product Business Unit
Executive Officer Koji Kamiya FA Product Business Unit
Executive Officer Hiroaki Mizukoshi Solution Business Unit

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