AUTO-ID Business

Ever responding to changes in society, we at DENSO WAVE have been providing "fulfillment" to customers through AUTO-ID products for more than 35 years.
We have long opened the door to further possibilities for our customers' business growth, supporting them in transforming their business by developing the world's first mobile terminal & CCD scanner and QR Code® as well as other new codes to quickly provide technologies for RFID and IC cards.
We will continue opening the way to the future for our customers with the power of AUTO-ID.

3 advantages of AUTO-ID business

Accumulated core technologies

provide our customers with new "fulfilment" by developing products based on core technologies we have accumulated for more than 35 years, including barcode, QR Code, RFID, IC and OCR technologies, while always adapting and meeting the changing needs of the times.

  • Barcodes
    The barcode reader enables close control in manufacturing, distribution, and retail fields.
  • QR Codes
    QR Codes achieve space savings, high capacity, and high-speed reading and fit a wide range of uses.
  • RFID
    The high-power RFID mobile terminal enables instantaneous reading of RFID tags, dramatically improving work efficiency.
  • OCR
    The OCR-supported mobile terminal recognizes non-digitized characters, promoting automation.
  • Security
    Security technology controlls entrance into/exit from rooms using IC cards or QR codes prevents outsiders from entering.
  • Payment
    Payment at company cafeterias, shops, and automatic vending machines can be made with a single card, eliminating lines when paying at company cafeterias, eliminating the trouble of paying in small change, and allowing salary deductions.
  • QR application solutions
    QR application solutions achieve various services and systems using QR codes. Furthermore, data logs can be utilized for marketing analysis.

High durability and reliability

Highly durable and reliable DENSO WAVE AUTO-ID products We provide products that have undergone repeated rigorous evaluation tests under conditions simulating actual usage environments so our customers can use them for a long time with peace of mind.

  • Drop impact test
    Drop impact test
  • Tumble impact test
    Tumble impact test
  • Thermal shock test
    Thermal shock test
  • Iron Ball drop test
    Iron Ball drop test

Global support that ensures high quality worldwide

With sales and repair centers established across the world, we provide attentive services from proposing and estimating products best-suited for each customer's business fields to providing after-sales service after our products are introduced.
We ensure that our customers are provided with products and services at the same high quality available in Japan.

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