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Aiming to establish a flexible production structure that can respond to diversified market needs, the Denso Group is developing various in-house factory automation (FA) systems. In the robot business, of technologies and devices that constitute the core of such latest FA systems, we are commercializing those that have been tried and tested within the group and can be used by a wide range of customers.

One of these products is the "Denso Robot" series.

The Denso Robot series was created by bringing together manufacturing technologies of the Denso Group, which has been continuing to address the challenges of plant automation, including high-level quality assurance, productivity improvement, and shorter production lead time. To contribute to manufacturing around the world, DENSO WAVE responds to various needs through its reliable quality, high performance, and rich variation, providing customers with solutions that is promoting automation.

DENSO WAVE's capabilities in robot development

When the first industrial robot appeared at the beginning of the 1960s,
Denso paid attention to this new technology and began developing Denso Robots in order to introduce them to its own production processes.
We develop various high-performance, high-function products by bringing together high-level technologies
that have been fostered in developing automotive parts and our experience using the 18,000 or more robots introduced in our own plants.
Now, Denso Robots, which has established itself for its market-leading products in the fields of small industrial robots for assembly processes,
continues to set industry standards in reliability, flexibility, and functionality.

Fields using DENSO WAVE's robots

With reliable technologies, backed by excellent track records, DENSO WAVE's robots can be used for a wide range of applications in various fields.

  • 導入実績分野 導入実績分野

    Fields where DENSO WAVE's robots have been introduced

    • ・Automobile/automotive parts
    • ・Electrical and electronics
    • ・Semiconductors
    • ・Metalworking
    • ・Machine tools
    • ・Chemical
    • ・Plastics
    • ・Clinical instruments
    • ・Pharmaceutical/cosmetics
    • ・Foods
    • ・General manufacturing
    • ・Agriculture
  • 導入実績用途 導入実績用途

    Applications using DENSO WAVE's robots

    • ・Conveyance/alignment
    • ・Assembling
    • ・Inspection
    • ・Packaging/box packings
    • ・Mounting/demounting workpieces from machine tools
    • ・Deburring
    • ・Coating
    • ・Laser welding/soldering
    • ・Screwing
    • ・Labeling

DENSO WAVE’s business fields