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Technical Information

Application Development Manual | Entering data using bar codes or keys


Enter data using bar codes or keys.
Pressing a key limits input to keys until the user presses the ENT key.
When any echoed back data is displayed on the BHT screen, pressing the C key erases the whole displayed data; pressing the BS key erases the most recently typed-in character of the data.


Use the WAIT statement to wait for bar code or key input.
Use LOC function to monitor bar code input.
Use INKEY$ function to monitor key input.
Do not use INPUT# statement to monitor key input. This statement suspends the user application program until key input, so can not simultaneously wait for either type of input.

Sample Program

const K.ENTER   = chr$(&h0d)
const K.CLEAR   = chr$(&h18)
const K.BS      = chr$(&h08)
const BarDev    = 1          'File number of barcode device file
const InpMax    = 13         'Max data length
'|                                                                           |
'|  Function:   Wait for reading barcode or key-in                           |
'|                f.no%        file number of barcode device file        |
'|                    bar$         read code                                 |
'|                    max%         max number of digit for bar code          |
'|                    esc$         list of escape keys                       |
'|               bar code data or key-in data                           |
'|                                                                           |
'|  Description:                                                             |
'|    Wait for reading barcode or key-in.                                    |
'|    When a bar code is read, returns the bar code data.                    |
'|    When the ENT key is pressed,  returns the key-in data.                 |
'|    When the key specified to escape key is pressed, returns the escape    |
'|    key data.                                                              |
'|                                                                           |
function inpbarkey$(f.no%, bar$, max%, esc$)[InpMax]
private barlen%
private .rt$[InpMax]
private .kb$
while 1
open "BAR:B" as #f.no% code bar$
wait 0,&h03         'Wait for reading-bar code or key-in
barlen% = loc(#f.no%)
if (barlen% > 0) then
.rt$ = input$(barlen%, #f.no%)
print .rt$;
inpbarkey$ = .rt$
close #f.no%
exit function
close #f.no%
.rt$ = ""
.kb$ = inkey$
while .kb$<>""
if instr(esc$, .kb$) then       'when the escape key is pressed
inpbarkey$ = .kb$           'returns the escape key data
exit function
select .kb$
case K.ENTER                    'When the ENT key is pressed
inpbarkey$ = .rt$           'fix the data
exit function
case K.BS                       'When the BS key is pressed
if len(.rt$) then           'Clear 1 character
print chr$(8);
.rt$ = left$(.rt$, len(.rt$)-1)
case K.CLEAR                    'When the C key is pressed
while len(.rt$)             'Clear all data
print chr$(8);
.rt$ = left$(.rt$, len(.rt$)-1)
case else
if len(.rt$)";
tmp$ = inpbarkey$(BarDev,"A:A",InpMax,"m")    'call function
if tmp$ <> "m" then
print "[";tmp$;"]"

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