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Application Development Manual | Changing auto power off timer setting

Changing auto power off timer setting


Change auto power off timer setting.


Detailed Description

Auto power-off refers the BHT's facility for automatically cutting the power when a predetermined interval elapses without a key press, serial communications, or other I/O.

powerofftimer specifies the time in seconds between the end of user operation and auto power-off. The following table lists the special values available for the parameter powerofftimer.

Setting Operation
CONT Continuous operation with no auto power-off.

Immediate power off. The program does not resume.

-2 Immediate power off. The program can resume.

The auto power-off timer setting defaults to 180 (three minutes) until the first POWER statement.


Automatically turn off after a minute of inactivity

  power 60

Never turn off

  power cont

Immediately turn off

  power off

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