Technical Information

Update the BHT system (BHT-OS)

Read this first

  • To prevent the battery from running out of power in the middle of updating, make sure that the battery is sufficiently charged. Or, place the BHT on the CU when updating the system.
  • The power cannot be cut off even with the [PW] key during the update process. To use the BHT, you should wait until the update is completed.
  • Even if the BHT is powered off during the process of updating due to some reason such as a low battery, the updating resumes automatically when the BHT is rebooted next time.

What You Need

  • BHT
  • System program file (*.FN3)
    Download the system program supported by the BHT you are now using from here.
  • Environments required for downloading the system program.
    You can download the system program file the in same way as the BHT-BASIC programs.
    For how to download and the required environments, click here.

System Update Procedure

  1. Decompress the downloaded file.
  2. Download the decompressed system file (*.FN3) to the BHT. For how to download and the required environments, click here.
  3. Press the [SF] key and the [.] key at the same time on the system menu screen to start the system update menu.
  4. Choose [SYSTEM MODIFY].
    The following screen appears.
  5. Set the name of the downloaded program file in [XXXXXXXXXXXXXX], then select [DO IT].
    Updating begins. The BHT is automatically turned off when the BHT system is successfully updated.
  6. Check that the system is updated to a new version on the system menu screen showing the version.
    For more information on updating the system, refer to the User’s Manual of your BHT.

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