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Technical Information

How to download and use BHT Manager

Please download BHT Manager and install it by the following procedure.

What you need:

- License Certificate (if you have already purchased BHT Manager)

Installation procedure:

  1. 1.Register your information on QBdirect.
    In case you have already purchased BHT Manager, register the serial number written in your License Certificate.
    QBdirect User Registration
  2. 2.Log into QBdirect.
  3. 3.Download "BHT Manager" .
  4. 4.Decompress the file you downloaded. Then, install each of the programs according to the Operator’s Manual.
    Now, you can try BHT Manager to use 1 unit of BHT.
    On this trial version, you should check to see if it functions normally in your operating environments.
    The license registration is required to officially use. If you have already purchased the license, proceed to the next process and complete registration.
  5. 5.Start [BHT Manager] -> [BHT Manager Registration Tool] from the Windows start menu.
  6. 6.Input the access code (XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXXXX) written in your License Certificate.
  7. 7.Confirm that the product name is indicated in [Product name].
    Press the [Registrer] button.

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