Technical Information

How to download and use BHT Browser software

Please download BHT Browser and install it by the following procedure.

What you need:

- License Certificate (if you have already purchased BHT Browser

Installation procedure:

  1. 1.Register your information on QBdirect.
    In case you have already purchased BHT Browser, register the serial number written in your License Certificate.
    QBdirect User Registration
  2. 2.Log into QBdirect.
  3. 3.Download "BHT Browser".
  4. 4.Decompress the file you have downloaded.
  5. 5.Create a configuration file "BROWSER.INI" by using the setting tool, referring extracted BHT Browser Manul.
  6. 6.According to the BHT Browser Manual, download the BHT Browser program file "BROWSER.EX4", the configuration file "BROWSER.INI" and other component files such as "index.htm" to the BHT.
  7. 7.Execute the downloaded BHT Browser program "BROWSER.EX4". Then the product registration is displayed. It measns that the product key is not yet registered. If you want to try all the available functions, please press "C" key (or hold "BS/C" key pressing).
    Note that, however, you are allowed to use for only 20 minutes for browsing.
    The license registration is required to officially use the BHT Browser.
    If you have purchased the license of BHT Browser, you have to proceed to the following procedure to apply for the license.
  8. 8.Execute the downloaded BHT Browser. Then the product registration is displayed (see Step 5). Here, please select [ENT = Registration] to enter the License Registration page and then check the ID number of your product (i.e. Product ID).
  9. 9.Contact our sales agency about issue of the product key.
    Contact our sales agency
  10. 10.After you get a product key, please register the product key on the above Lisense Registration page.

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