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”The driver was not found”

The following error message was displayed by the new hardware wizard in Windows 98SE and installation failed. How can I correctly install the driver? ”The driver was not found”

A major source of this trouble is unknown. However, it can be corrected using the registry editor with the following steps.

  1. 1.Unplug the device (CU-8021, etc.) from the USB port.
  2. 2.Boot your PC in the normal mode.
  3. 3.On the Start menu, click Run.... Enter “regedit” in the Open box and start the registry editor.
  4. 4.Remove the entry folder VID_076D&PID_0006 as shown below. At this time, all the folders such as INTS_0 included in the lower layers, if any, shall be removed.
    - My computer
      + Config
      + Driver
      - Enum
       - USB
        + VID_076D&PID_0006 ← Delete this folder.
        + VID_YYYY&PID_YYYY 
  5. 5.Exit the registry editor and reboot your PC.
  6. 6.After logging in your rebooted PC, replug the device unplugged in Step 1 into the USB port and try to install the driver again

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