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”A function driver was not specified this instance”

When installing the device driver to my PC in Windows 2000, the following message was displayed on the screen at the end of new hardware wizard and the installation failed. How can I correctly install the driver? ”An error occurred during the installation of the device. The installation failed because a function driver was not specified this instance.”

It is assumed that the driver for Windows 98 family was installed to your PC running on Windows 2000, instead of the correct driver for Windows 2000.
After uninstalling the wrong driver from your PC, reinstall the correct driver for Windows 2000/XP family.
Click here for how to uninstall the wrong driver.

The location of the device driver must be specified at the new hardware wizard according to the following steps.

1) Check the box of "Specify a location" on the "Found New Hardware Wizard."

2) Input "D:\DRIVER\WIN2K" on the " Found New Hardware Wizard."
(Set appropriate drive name according to the computer configuration.)
Do not search from the whole drive by inputting, for example, "D:\" and "E:\".

Do not search for the device driver's location from the whole drive.
Searching from the whole drive causes failure in choosing the appropriate driver, for example,
it may erroneously choose a driver for Windows 98 family as the first candidate for installation.

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