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What is the procedure for setting AT20Q?

We are trying to set AT20Q-SM using the QR-Coded Parameter Menu. However, when we connected AT20Q-SM to the PC, it did not turn on and it was impossible to read the menu. What should we do?

AT20Q-SM is set to the USB-COM interface by default. Therefore, when AT20Q-SM is connected to a PC on which no driver has been installed, the device will not be powered on.


To set AT20Q-SM by reading the QR-Coded Parameter Menu, turn it on using either of the following methods.

    • Connect AT20Q-SM to the USB port of a PC on which Active USB-COM Port Driver is not installed, and press the Trigger Switch for two seconds or longer. The interface of AT20Q-SM will be switched to the USB keyboard, and the AT20Q-SM will be powered on. (Note 1)




      (Note 1) This function is effective on the following models.

      Model Firmware Version
      AT20Q-SM/AT21Q-SM Version 1.10 or later
      AT25Q-SM/AT26Q-SM Version 1.10 or later


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