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Is it possible to split a code at AI (Application Identifier) and display each item?

We are considering a system that reads a GS1 code, splits it at AI (Application Identifier), and displays each segment.
Is it possible to build such a system?

Yes, it is possible.


There are several methods including using the AI (Application Identifier) extraction function of the scanner and using the ADF script function of QR_kbif, keyboard interface software.

■ Using the AI extraction function of the scanner
Our scanners (AT Series, GT Series, etc.) have functions for transfer codes with AI enclosed in parenthesis (), and extracting specified AIs and replacing them with a specified character (comma (,), etc.) before transferring a code. Using these functions, you can divide each code at AI, and send it to the application.


For the AI extraction function, see the user's manual of each product.


The user's manuals can be downloaded from here


■ How to use the ADF script function of QR_kbif, free keyboard interface software
It is possible to extract AIs flexibly by creating a simple ADF script.


QR_kbif can be downloaded from here.

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