Can I make the applications in the SD card automatically run after full reset the BHT?

I want to simply set up the BHT when full resetting it. Is there any way to automatically execute the setup programs stored in the SD card?

  You can make the applications in the SD card run automatically by following the steps below:

  2.     1.If you use the BHT-1100-CE, check the version of your system program. If the version number is V1.00, you need to
  3.      upgrade the system to the latest version. To download its latest version, click here.
  4.     2.Create the [Setup] folder in the [Storage Card] folder of the SD card.
  5.     3.Move the application you want to execute to the [Storage Card\Setup] folder.
  6.     4.Full reset the BHT with keep pressing the [ENT] key.

  Do not execute the applications in the SD card except when you set up the BHT. Refer to here for further information.

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