How to transfer files that can be interpreted by BHT applications using the MTP connection

We are trying to install BHT-904B.
The MTP connection of BHT-904B is useful because it is not necessary to install a driver on the PC. However, when we send a master file (text file), it cannot be opened from a BHT application.
Is this a normal behavior?

In MTP connection, files are sent to BHT without field information.


However, BHT applications need field information when they open a file. Therefore, when sending files to BHT, it is necessary to attach field information.


For this reason, a new file called “MTPFLD.INI” that describes the name and field information of the master file should be created and sent with the master file. BHT application will obtain field information from this file.

For the details of MTPFLD.INI, see “5.2.2. USB communication by MTP” of the User’s manual.

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