Handling of field information when using MTP

When sending a data file using MTP, how should we specify the field information?

Before transferring a data file using the MTP utility, it is necessary to create a MTP field information file “MTPFLD.INI” that describes field information and store it in BHT.
When a data file is downloaded to BHT using MTP, it is converted to a file with field information according to the contents of “MTPFLD.INI” while received.

The MTPFLD.INI file has the following format:
 - It is a data file with a single field having a field length of 256
- The field should have a format “<file name>:<field information>.”

<Sample description in MTPFLD.INI>
(The number in the field information should have the number of digits that was specified in the FIELD statement.)

It is not allowed to use regular expressions including wildcards (‘?’ and ‘*’) in MTPFLD.INI.


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