The differences between the BHT-7500 and BHT-4000

In the BHT-7500, I want to use programs made for the BHT-4000 as they are. Are there any differences between the BHT-7500 and BHT-4000?

Listed below are the differences between the two series.


(1) Communications

Item BHT-4000 BHT-7500
Optical interface Communications operation Full duplex Half duplex
Transmission speed 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 bps 2400, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200 bps
Parity bit None, Odd or Even None (fixed)
Character length 7 or 8 bits 8 bits (fixed)
Stop bits 1 or 2 bits 1 bit (fixed)
Signal lines SD, RD, RS, CS SD, RD
RS/CS control Yes No
Direct-connect interface Transmission speed 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400 bps 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200 bps
Signal lines SD, RD, RS, CS, ER, CD SD, RD
RS/CS control Yes Busy control possible with this connection
BHT Printer
RD - busy
Simultaneous opening with the bar code device file Possible Optical (IrDA) interface: Not possible (to reduce the peak current)
Direct-connect interface: Possible
Communications protocol BHT-protocol BHT-protocol
BHT-Ir protocol
Item BHT-4000 BHT-7500
File transmission with XFILE statement Receive file with the name given by the sender Not possible Possible
Receive file with different name Not possible Possible
Timeout at the time of link establishment Not available Available
Handle trailing spaces in data fields Not available Available
Max. data field length for file transmission 99 bytes 254 bytes


(2) Bar code reading

Item BHT-4000 BHT-7500
Touch scanning
Long-range scanning
Yes No
Marker LED ON/OFF control Yes No
Viewfinder Yes No
Beeper/LED control with OPEN "BAR:" statement No Yes
OPEN "BAR:" statement extension*1 No Yes
Code 128 special character conversion*2 Conforms to the 1986 USS Standard Conforms to the 1993 USS Standard (Conversion system differs in some parts)
Specify STF with CHKDGT$ function No Yes
*1 In the readcode parameter, more than one condition may be specified with commas.
*2 Special characters such as FNC, CODEA, CODEB, CODEC, and SHIFT characters


(3) Keyboard

Item BHT-4000 BHT-7500
Magic keys None M1, M2, M3 (left-hand trigger switch), and M4 (right-hand trigger switch) keys
Default trigger switch Trigger switch M3 and M4 keys
Assignment of trigger switch function No To M1, M2, M3, and M4 keys
Assignment of shift key function No To M1, M2, M3, and M4 keys
Key number assignment range 0 to 29 1 to 31 and 33 to 38
Alphabet entry Not available Available (Alphabet entry mode added)


(4) Screen display

Item BHT-4000 BHT-7500
(Dots, W×H)
ANK*1 26×10
Standard-size font 26×20(6×8)
Small-size font 26×26(6×6)
Kanji Full-width: 10×5
Standard-size font Full-width: 10×10
Half-width: 20×10
Half-width: 20×5
Small-size font Full-width: 13×13
Half-width: 26×13
Condensed Kanji Full-width: 13×5
Not available
Half-width: 26×5
Double-width Not available Available
VRAM 10h to 64Fh 10h to C8Fh
No. of user-defined fonts loadable ANK 32 fonts ANK 32 fonts
Kanji 32 fonts Kanji 128 fonts
User-defined cursor display*2 Not available Available
National character display in half-width Not available Available
Display of battery voltage level Battery voltage level icon displayed in the bottom line of the LCD when the system status indication is on Bars always displayed at the bottom left of the LCD
Display of keypad shift state SF icon in the bottom line of the LCD when the system status indication is on Bar displayed next to the battery voltage bars
*1 Alphanumerics and Katakana
*2 The user-defined cursor display function displays a cursor in the shape defined by the user. The cursor shape may be defined with the APLOAD or KPLOAD statement in single-byte ANK mode or two-byte Kanji mode, respectively.


(5) Backlight

Item BHT-4000 BHT-7500
Default backlight on/off control key Trigger switch with SF held down M1 key with SF held down
Key assignment numbers for backlight on/off control 0 to 29 1 to 31 and 33 to 38
Specify backlight on/off control and ON-duration in user programs Not possible


(6) Files

File storage device(s)
Flash ROM
(The RAM is used to run programs efficiently.)
Max. number of files loadable
Cluster size
4 KB*1 *2
8 KB*3   
4 KB
User area 100 KB*1
612 KB*2
1872 KB*3  
Specify drive
Resulting in an error
Not necessary (For compatibility with the conventional BHT series)
*1 BHT-4082 with a 256-kilobyte RAM
*2 BHT-4086 with a 768-kilobyte RAM
*3 BHT-4089 with a 2048-kilobyte RAM


(7) Work and common variables

Item BHT-4000 BHT-7500
Max. memory space available for work and common variables 6 KB 32 KB


(8) LCD contrast & beeper (vibrator) adjustment

Adjustment screen call-up
PW key with trigger switch held down
PW key with M1 or M4 held down
Not available
ON/OFF selectable
Beeper volume adjustment in user programs
Not available
Beeper (and vibrator) control in user programs
Not available
Beeper frequency specified by BEEP statement
1015 Hz
698 Hz
1752 Hz
1396 Hz
3213 Hz
2793 Hz


(9) Initializing of the BHT system

Initialization key
PW key with SF, trigger, and 0 keys held down
PW key with SF, M1, and 0 keys held down
Initialization of font file area

Not possible
(font files reside in the ROM.)

Possible (font file area to be selected)


(10) Extended functions

Item BHT-4000 BHT-7500
Extended functions None SYSTEM.FN3, SYSMDFY.FN3, and CRC.FN3
(SYSINF.FN3 and SYSPARA.FN3 integrated in the BHT)


(11) Power on/off control

Item BHT-4000 BHT-7500
Wakeup Not available Available
Remote wakeup* Not available Available
Effective hold-down time of PW key Cannot be set Can be set
* The remote wakeup function allows you to turn the BHT on and run the specified user program from a remote loation by sending the specified message from the host computer to the BHT placed on the CU. If the BHT is turned on using this function, it will automatically run a file named "BHTRMT.PD3."

(12) Others

Item BHT-4000 BHT-7500
Updating of system settings In System Mode In System Mode or with BHT system parameter file*1
Updating of OS Download Download or applications
Execution of APLINT.PD3 at System Mode initiation sequence*2 Not available Available
Get battery voltage level/battery type (INP function) Not available Available
Detection of BHT on/off by the CU*3 Not available Available
Setting of CPU performance (clock speed) Not available Available in System Mode
*1 Updating with BHT system parameter file refers to uploading or downloading a file named "_BHT.SYS" which stores system environment settings specified in System Mode and other settings (e.g. LCD contrast and beeper volume) for updating system settings.
*2 If a program file named APLINT.PD3 is stored in the BHT, the System Mode initiation sequence will not start up the System Mode but execute that user program.
*3 In user programs, this function detects whether or not the BHT is placed on the CU.

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