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Inventor of the QR Code Develops a New Reader Application


Inventor of the QR Code Develops a New Reader Application
― DENSO WAVE Launches a New App for the Apple iPhone―

DENSO WAVE Incorporated introduced a QR Code reader application for the iPhone. The English version of the application “QRdeCODE” can be downloaded from the Apple Inc., App Store beginning June 7, for US$1.99.
Not only will the QRdeCODE app allow you to scan these two-dimensional barcodes and get information, you can also create your own personal QR code so you can give information. The app will take information, like a name, number and email address and create a QR code so you can exchange your information. The user can also create a QR Code containing a text message and/or url.
The QR codes can be printed on posters, t-shirts, business cards – really, on just about anything. U.S. automakers, professional sports teams and other industries are beginning to use QR codes in marketing and advertising to drive consumers to websites.

Utilizing its in-depth experience from developing the QR Code, DENSO WAVEs new reader application has high recognition performance due to its quick reading speed, and its ability to read complicated QR codes where the pixels are smaller due to the amount of information, as well as smaller-sized QR codes, from a distant position. Once the iPhone’s camera recognizes the QR Code, it will auto-zoom on the code up to a maximum of three times. The application also has a function that can automatically focus on the area that is tapped on the screen to get a more clear focus on the QR Code.

Starting with this software for the iPhone, DENSO WAVE looks to widely expand its QR Code reader software business to other information and digital devices.

* “QR Code” and “QRdeCODE” are registered trademarks of DENSO WAVE Incorporated.

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