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“DENSO WAVE Announces new QR Code® with canvas area in the center”



“DENSO WAVE Announces new QR Code® with canvas area in the center”



DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED (Head office: Agui-cho, Chita-gun, Aichi Prefecture, President: Mitsuhiko Masegi) has developed a new two-dimensional code, “Frame QR®”, evolving from the current QR Code.


QR Code celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, since its development in 1994. This Frame QR is a newly-developed two-dimensional code, realizing high designability of the code, by utilizing its 20 years of QR Code technology development.

It has blank “canvas area” in the center of the code to accommodate design and information, where illustrations or pictures can be arranged without deteriorating its design.

Thanks to this “canvas area”, visibility of corporate logo and character can be increased more vividly than the current design QR Codes. It will be used for various purposes such as website introduction with advertisements and posters, business cards and entertainments, etc.

Besides its high designability, “canvas area” can be used with other media (hologram etc.) and linked with image recognition technology (mark sheet, OCR etc.) in order to add and obtain various information.


Since Frame QR is not compatible with current QR Codes, special software is required to generate and read Frame QR. DENSO WAVE plans to release a cloud service “Q platform”, which includes generation and decoding function of Frame QR, in October 2014. A free smartphone application for iOS and Android “QR Code Reader “Q”, which has Frame QR reading function, will be released as well.

Main features of Frame QR

1.Free “canvas area”
The “canvas area” does not interfere the reading of codes. The shape can be selected from the template, or you can specify any shape and change the center location, size, and angle as necessary.


Main features of QR Code reader “Q”

1.Compatible with new QR Codes such as Frame QR etc.
QR Code reader “Q” can read new QR Codes developed by DENSO WAVE such as Frame QR, “SQRC®” with security functions, as well as ordinary QR Codes.

2.High reading capability
High-speed reading engine is equipped utilizing QR Code reading technology DENSO WAVE has developed so far. It enables smooth reading in any condition for any code.

3.Various functions
Besides code reading function, various functions are equipped such as QR (face LogoQ®) generation, reproducing function for AR movies and other movies and SNS linkage function, etc.


QR Code, FrameQR and SQRC are registered trademarks of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED in Japan and in other countries.

LogoQ is registered trademark of A・T Communications Inc, in Japan and in other countries.

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