Windows-OS Model Added to Compact Handy Terminal BHT-1300 Series


Windows-OS Model Added to Compact Handy Terminal BHT-1300 Series


In May 2014, DENSO WAVE Incorporated (Head office: Agui-cho, Chita-gun, Aichi Prefecture, President: Mitsuhiko Masegi) will release the BHT-1300 Windows-OS model as a new addition to the compact handy terminal BHT-1300 series, with an open price. The company plans to gradually expand the market of this product to more than 40 countries throughout the world(1).

The new BHT-1300 Windows-OS model offers high basic performance equal to that of the BHT-1300 series models released last year. Equipped with Windows Embedded Compact 7, the BHT-1300 Windows-OS model enables customers with Windows-based software assets to use this product seamlessly. Also, linkage with the remote desktop function provided by Windows-OS, and/or Windows-based business package software, further expands customer use range.

Main features of BHT-1300 Windows-OS model

Usability realized by Windows-OS

The BHT-1300 Windows-OS model is equipped with a touch panel that offers intuitive display operation and improves operability of this handy terminal, enhancing work efficiency. Moreover, this product comes with universal application development environment Visual Studio 2008 (*Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5) and the Software Development Kit, to help users develop the handy terminal's basic functions, such as reading barcodes and QR codes, shortening customers’ development time.


Compact body means improved operability

The BHT-1300 Windows-OS model is compact, yet easy to use with its dome-shaped keys, which can be operated by workers wearing work gloves. Placement of the scan key - the most frequently used - at the center of the terminal body enables smooth operation for collecting data from code reading => key inputting => confirmation (ENT key).


Excellent reading performance enhances work efficiency

Equipped with the latest reader engine, the BHT-1300 Windows-OS model can read even badly printed codes or laminated codes with high accuracy. Furthermore, since 2D code terminals have higher decoding rate for barcode reading, they can quickly read a barcode in the read range from any angle without directing a scanning portion toward the barcode, dramatically improving work efficiency.


Long-time operations possible even with continuous connection to LAN
In response to increasing demand from users that use terminals during continuous wireless connection to LAN, DENSO WAVE Incorporated developed a unique power management system. The new system enables users to use terminals with no concern regarding time, even during extended operation.


Backup function provides reassurance in emergency

Set data, applications and work data can be backed up in a microSD card installed in a terminal, so even if the terminal must be replaced, users can quickly restart work by inserting the microSD card into another terminal and restoring the data.


Operable in every potential application environment

The luxurious design is ideal for apparel stores and other stores that are tastefully decorated.
Also, since the BHT-1300 Windows-OS model can withstand being dropped from a height of 2 meters, it can be used even in harsh environments, such as distribution fields.


Usable in more than 40 countries throughout the world

In concentrating on global use of its products, DENSO WAVE Incorporated plans to obtain certification for the BHT-1300 series in at least 40 countries around the world(1), enabling users to employ terminals globally. Furthermore, with overseas bases around the world, the company provides customers with local support services within their countries, where they can not only purchase terminals, but also receive maintenance and support services.

  1. Certifications are expected from: 27 EU countries, U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Russia and Brazil.

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