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Introduce Class-leading Light Weight Handy Scanners “AT20Q Series”


DENSO WAVE to Introduce Class-leading Light Weight Handy Scanners
“AT20Q Series”
– Complying with various reading needs of 2D codes and realizing 360 degree barcode reading –



Aichi, Japan - DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED will introduce class-leading light weight handy scanners “AT20Q” Series, which connect with information terminals such as store registers and read 2D codes and barcodes, on August 1, 2012. The AT20Q Series are the lightest* and smallest level* for hand held scanners in the same class. The handy scanners also have the highest level* of durability in its class when dropped.

In addition to reading barcodes, the AT20Q Series comply with the growing need to read 2D codes such as QR codes on membership cards and coupons displayed on mobile phones. The handy scanners also can read barcodes in a full 360 degree range, resulting to enhanced reading efficiency.

Furthermore, due to the improved ability to read smudged or faint codes, as well as high density codes which can not be read with the company’s conventional models equivalent to AT20Q Series, the devices can be used for a wider range of industries such as the management of medicines and administration of medications in the medical field, and production process management in manufacturing,

Both white (AT20Q-SM) and black (AT21Q-SM) models are available to match the designs of connecting terminals. The planned sales volume for the models is approximately 20,000 per year worldwide.

The AT-20Q Series of devices will be exhibited at DENSO WAVE’s booth at AUTO-ID EXPO 2012, to be held this September 12 to 14 at Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan.

* As of May 2012 according to survey conducted by DENSO WAVE


[Main Features of AT20Q Series]

1. Superb reading performance
A new reading engine was developed to realize high-speed reading that is not affected by image blurring due to hand movement. Device operability is also enhanced by omni-directional reading capability, where barcodes can be read easily at any angle, the full 360°range, without worrying about their orientation. Furthermore, the devices support the reading of QR codes displayed on mobile phones or wide-width barcodes printed on payment slips from public utilities.

2. Compact body
With a roundish, compact body weighing just 110 grams, the lightest in the industry, the devices are easy to grasp for anyone and can reduce fatigue when used for long periods. Both white and black body colors are available so customers can choose to match their intended use.

3. Easy-to-read LED marker
An LED marker clearly marking the center of the area being read is featured. Even if multiple codes surround a targeted code, reading only of the targeted code can be accomplished without fail, thanks to a feature called “point scan mode.”

4. Superb protection in rough environments
To ensure the devices function well in actual usage situations, in testing they endure repeated droppings onto a concrete surface from 2.0 meters height, and they come with IP42-level protection.

5. Compliance with JIS Z2801 design enables long hours of use in clean condition
Since device triggers are made of an elastomer resin conforming to JIS Z2801, the devices can be used with peace of mind in cleanliness-critical sites such as medical treatment sites and food processing factories.

6. Various functions
The devices are equipped with a reference function that determines a match or mismatch for codes read in and master codes registered beforehand and a simple programming function (ADF script language). Since any model in the AT20Q Series can unilaterally handle data editing tasks previously done with a higher-level device such as a PC, drastic cost reduction can be realized.

7. Easy setup software
The time and labor required to initially set up the devices can be reduced by printing out the QR codes for setup from a software application, ScannerSetting2D, which is provided free of charge, and reading them with the AT20Q device to complete a one-time setup process.

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