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NEWS RELEASE - Develops the New BHT-605QLWB,a Long Range Bar Code Reading Terminal


topics Mar.14.2012 NEWS RELEASE - Develops the New BHT-605QLWB,a Long Range Bar Code Reading Terminal


DENSO WAVE Develops the New BHT-605QLWB,a Long Range Bar Code Reading Terminal.
- The new bar code reader will be released in Japan in the summer of 2012 -

BHT-605QLWBAICHI, Japan- DENSO WAVE Incorporated today announced the development of the new BHT-605QLWB, a long range bar code reading terminal. The terminal can read various bar codes and 2-D codes including the QR Code from a distance of 50 m and is suited for warehouse and logistic operations. The bar code reader will be released in Japan in the summer of 2012 with a target annual sales volume of 5,000 units.

The BHT-605QLWB can read QR codes from a short range of 20 cm distance*1 to a long range such as 10 m*2 to 50 m*3. The new bar code reader’s long distance reading capability can help improve working efficiency. For example, when carrying a cargo in a warehouse using a forklift, the forklift operator can scan the code on the cargo without stepping out of the cockpit, thus improving productivity. Also when scanning cargos on a high shelf or rack, the BHT-605QLWB’s long range scanning performance contributes to efficient and safe operations.

In addition, the BHT-605QLWB applies to the “BHT-BASIC4.0 Creator”, a software development application which easily and quickly provides solutions for BHT-OS terminals. The BHT-605QLWB also can be applied to other softwares including HTML and JavaScript. Furthermore, the company can provide “BHT Browser” for browser based solutions, and “BHT Term” for terminal emulation solutions that require connection to a host application such as an AS/400.


Note 1: QR codes with 5 mm x 5 mm code size and 0.25 mm cell size for 34 digit numbers
Note 2: QR codes with 55 mm x 55 mm code size and 2.5 mm cell size for 34 digit numbers
Note 3: QR codes with 420 mm x 420 mm code size and 20 mm cell size for 34 digit numbers



1. Wide and long range distance scanning performance
 The BHT-605QLWB is equipped with a high performance scan engine that has a wide reading range. QR Codes with 20mm cell size with 34 digits can be read from a distance of 50 m. The BHT-605QLWB scan engine can read a variety of bar codes and 2-D codes, which are commonly used in warehouse and logistic applications.

2. Equipped with a 2.8 inch QVGA (240 x 320dots) color LCD screen with easy reading fonts
Characters can be easily and clearly displayed in color, reverse video mode, bold face and double size character. Scalable fonts can be used to display Kanji characters, and their sizes can be enlarged or reduced to size. Also product pictures and additional information can easily be displayed.

3. Ergonomic and slim design that allows a firm grip, and solidness that can withstand strong impacts such as from a drop
The ergonomic shape was designed to allow a comfortable fit in the hand, thereby reducing stress and fatigue when operating for an extended time. The high durability of the BHT-605QLWB allows it to withstand strong impact such as from a drop. The display is protected with a high impact layer against water droplets and dust, and supports IP-54 protection standard. These features allow the BHT-605QLWB to be used in various harsh environments.

4. Application to various wireless communications
The BHT-605QLWB applies to wireless LAN communications using either IEEE802.11b/g or Bluetooth which is suited for short range wireless communications. With either option the BHT-605QLWB can wirelessly connect to high speed LAN, portable printers or other devices. The 802.11b/g wireless LAN model supports WPA/WPA2 security thereby providing secure data transmission. It also applies to an optical communications interface cradle with up to 4Mbps of data transfer speed. The communications cradle units support RS232C, USB and Ethernet interfaces.

5. Other features
Other features include a vibration function which can be used to notify the operator of an action such as bar code reading or data communications. This is an ideal solution for noisy environments. Another feature is a backlight for the display and keypad. This function helps the operator to use the terminal in dark places. A setup mode enables quick and easy setup of the device. In addition, the BHT-BASIC4.0 Creator wake up mode allows the terminal to be remotely activated from a sleep mode.

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