Keyboard Interface Software(QR_kbif)

Model:Scanner, Communication unit

File Name Date of Update
Keyboard Interface Software(QR_kbif) Ver.3.5.1 (8,317KB) 10/01/2020

Supporting OS

  • ・Windows® 8.1 (32-bit/64-bit(WOW64))
  • ・Windows® 10 (32-bit/64-bit(WOW64))
  • ・Windows® 11 (64 bit(WOW64))

Note : This application is executed as Win32 application on Windows® 8.1/10/11(64-bits) using WOW64
    (Windows® 32-bit emulation on Windows® 64-bit).


For users using QR_kbif with USB scanner


Update history

Version Updated contents Updated on
--- (1)Supports Windows® 11. Aug 11, 2022
3.5.1 (1)The process of receiving data via Bluetooth is improved. Oct 1, 2020
3.5.0 (1)Unicode (UTF-8) is supported in character code of input data.
(2)The default data send mode is changed to "Send via Clipboard".
(3)The paste key assignment other than Windows standard paste key ([Ctrl] + [V]) is supported in "Send via Clipboard".(Example: [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Insert] in IBM Personal Communications)
(4)The Unicode input into application (Example: Microsoft Word) is supported in "Virtual Key Mode".
Feb 20, 2019
3.3.5 (1)In virtual key mode, it is now possible to select either "Numerical Keys Above the Alphabet Keys" or "10-key Keypad" for numerical key transmission. The default setting is "Numerical Keys Above the Alphabet Keys". 
(2)A "Specify Continuous File Receipt" option -c has been added to the start-up options. 
(3)QK12 and QK12-U have been added as supported models.
(4)Improvements have been made to the initialization procedure using the settings file.
(5)An explanatory diagram has been added for the N:1 and N:N connections.
(6)An explanation has been added for the relatiohsip between the N:1 connection and start-up option -d.
(7)Precautionary items for Excel usage have been added to the FAQ.
Sep 22, 2006
3.3.4 (1)The problem whereby an ([X1,,12]) endless loop occurs if the replacement original character string is empty when using the ADF script replacement command X. 
(2)Previously, when specifying ADF script special characters (\xx - xx is 2 digits in hexadecimal notation), even if x was a hexadecimal character at one of the digits (/x), that character was handled as a hexadecimal numerical value.
This has been corrected to the character x as per the specifications.
(3)The problem whereby command characters other than the command position (immediately after '[') are mistakenly executed at the ADF script has been corrected.
Jun 23, 2006
3.3.2 (1)A "Hankaku Kana send mode” menu has been added to the “Communication” menu, and by selecting the transmission mode virtual key mode, settings at the displayed dialog box are eliminated.
(2)Changes have been made to correct the problem whereby clipboard operations are sometimes performed abnormally when in the hyper threading environment.
(3)An ADF test interruption process has been added when [OK] or [Cancel] is pressed while performing an ADF test. 
(4)The problem whereby only 1 character of read data is not output when a delimiting character is set at the ADF field has been corrected.
Mar 06, 2006
3.3.1 The icon is now deleted from the task tray after exiting QR_kbif. Feb 16, 2006
3.3.0 (1)A communication conditions auto setting mode has been added for the "QRkibf Reader connection check". 
(2)A menu explanation has been added.
(3)QR_kbif version information has been registered in the settings file (xxxx.qki).
(4)"QR_kbif startup/exit control" has been added to the Q&A.
(5)A description has been added for the FAQ CapsLock and NumLock (Applicable to V3.1.x and later.)
Nov 28, 2005
3.2.12 The transmission problem for special keys F1 to F24 has been corrected. Oct 18, 2005
3.2.11 (1)CTS monitoring is no longer performed when flow control is set to "None".
(2)The GT10B connection check has been improved. (The check is now performed after waiting 2 seconds following another scanner check.)
Sep 29, 2005
3.2.10 (1)The ADF script [#] script internal time wait command problem has been corrected. Furthermore, read data is now ignored while waiting. 
(2)The transmission problem for special keys F1 to F24 has been corrected.
Sep 13, 2005
3.2.9 (1)A time wait specification has been added for the API call interval, and the ADF script specifications for V1.3.3 are now supported.
(2)Improvements have been made to the time accuracy for time wait timer values of 10 msec and less.
Sep 05, 2005
3.2.8 (1)The problem whereby the "Com Port Setting" screen displays twice when starting up immediately after installation has been eliminated.
(2)The settings file (QR_kbif.qki) reference folder, which was the installation folder, has been changed to the work folder.Consequently, the term current directory has been changed to "work folder" in this manual. 
[Note] A work folder with shortcut icon registered in the START menu is set as the installation folder and is therefore compatible with previous versions. 
It is necessary to make changes to the settings in the following cases: 
1. When the settings file at the startup options is specified with an equivalent file path. 
2. When the shortcut properties work folder is specified with an equivalent file path.
Jul 25, 2005
3.2.7 (1)A special key entry wait command ([$]) has been added to the ADF specifications (Ver. 1.3.2) script. 
(2)Bundled files have been moved from the "ADF Specifications" to the "ADF Script Users Guide". 
(3)Support has been provided for file path names including spaces when specifying files at the options when starting up the application. The file path name should be enclosed by "(double quotation marks)" on both sides.
Jul 21, 2005
3.2.6 (1)The existence of a scanner connection is checked at the CTS line, and the connection check of unconnected ports is now skipped at the connection check phase. 
(2)The processing time for trash characters caused by communication line noise immediately after startup has been increased to a maximum of 2 seconds.
May 27, 2005
3.2.5 (1)Corrections have been made to the [Script Exec] button and menu usage prevention while editing the script.
(2)Transmission to the previously started up application no longer fails when performing minimized startup with the -d option.
May 23, 2005
3.2.4 (1)[Clear] button in ADF Script test has added.
(2)The [Script Exec] button has modified as prohibiting the default focus.
(3)The definition of right CTRL key in AdfSpecialkey.def has modified.
Apl 21, 2005
3.2.3 (1)[Clear] button in ADF Script test has added.
(2)The processing when the file selection in Receive File/Append File menu was canceled has corrected.
(3)Trouble has corrected that cannot stop the script edit mode in case of the command [!],[@] using in the Loop.
Feb 11, 2005
3.2.2 (1)Timer function of receive command [!] is added in ADF Specifications Ver. 1.3.1.
(2)The behavior has modified so that the error might occur when Command [!],[@] was used in the [Script Edit] mode.
Feb 08, 2005
3.2.1 (1)[Script Exec] mode newly added.
Command for [Script Exec] mode is added in ADF Specifications Ver.1.3.
Description of ADF script moved to new section.
Jan 28, 2005
3.1.2 The following error or disadvantage corrected:
- Potential character mix-up in N-to-one connection for multiple readings by multiple scanners at the same time.
- Too much dependant on CPU by the QR_kbif having options in standby mode.
Jan 18, 2005
3.1.0 (1)Transmission mechanism of [Char. mode] in [Communication]->[Data send mode] changed to WM_CHAR message transmission.Sending Kanji and 1-byte Kana to special windows, such as Internet, Explorer and Word, accepted.
(2)Setting [Use KANA-shift key] menu moved to under [Virtual Key mode] as a sub-menu. 
(3)Receive timer for the 2nd byte in 2-byte characters changed.
(4)Timer used in sending data via clipboard after CTRL+V key command changed from AdfTimer2 to AdfTimer1.
Dec 23, 2004
3.0.14 The following errors corrected:
- Error message “Char-Mode can’t send key-data” appears when Kanji characters from 0xF000 to 0xFCFC received in Shift-JIS code.
- Part of Kanji and 1-byte Kana not transmitted to some windows using [Char. mode] (changed to +{Kanji}).
Nov 26, 2004
3.0.12 (1)Data send mode via clipboard added.
(2)ADF Specifications Ver.1.2 supported (via clipboard timer setting)
(3)Display dialogue for [Help] menu modified.
(4)More descriptions and notes added to [Data send mode].
(5)Section 20 “FAQ” revised and additions are made.
(6)Bluetooth interface GT10B-SB added as supported device.
(7)Some descriptions added to “Sending Special Keys (Invisible Characters)”.
Oct 27, 2004
3.0.11 The following errors corrected:
- Mouse becomes inoperable under some conditions if communication port just installed is terminated via [Cancel].
- Option -d does not operate as defined in the specifications.
- Definition files, such as AdfSpecialKey.def, directly installed on the route without creating install directory cannot be used as reference files.
Aug 05, 2004
3.0.10 (1)USB scanner connection supported for the QR_kbif started with -d option.(Retry continues even if COM port does not exist at startup.)
(2)Connection check procedure changed. This is because a dialogue for connection check sometimes displayed when PC is turned on even if the scanner was properly connected.
(3)[Lock Window Title] function improved and some descriptions added to its note in Win Win98/Me.
(4)Note added to [appointed Window...] and more questions and answers added to Q&A.
Aug 04, 2004
3.0.9 (1)Startup option -r added to [Normal Receive to File].
(2)Reference to files AdfSpecialKey.def and AdfSyntax.def changed from the current directory to the program startup directory.
Jun 17, 2004
3.0.8 (1)Adds how to divide receiving data in a menu "communication" and "receiving mode" can be chosen from the following two items.[Terminator] or [Time Up].
(2)Improvement of the data-processing timing in port simultaneous reception two or more.
Jun 15, 2004
3.0.7 (1)Startup Option -d added.
(2)ADF Script V1.1 adaptation.
Apl 26, 2004
3.0.1 (1)ADF Script User's Guide separately provided.
(2)Window title lock feature added.
Mar 05, 2004
3.0.0 (1)[Data Edit (ADF)] function newly supported.This function is executed after all editing process by menu selection is completed. 
(2)Multiple scanners (N-to-1 connection) supported. 
(3)Multiple QR_kbif can be started simultaneously. (N-to-N connection supported.) Startup option to specify the setting file “xxxx.qki” added. 
(4)Setting file stored in the system directory is changed to the file under the current directory.
(5)Only available ports are displayed as effective in the Com Port Setting window.
(6)Setting file name is displayed as a title of the main window and icon. 
(7)Common logo is printed on the installer and cover page of each manual.
Feb 25, 2004

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