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File Name Size Date of Update
BHT-BASIC Application Program Development Manual, Introductory Level Ver.1.00.02 576KB 09/27/2005 detail
Upgrading Guide from BHT-BASIC3.6 to BHT-BASIC4.0 (BASIC4.0) 592KB 11/26/2004 detail
Supplementaly Manual for Windows Vista on BHT-BASIC4.0 Development software 172KB 09/01/2007 detail
BHT-904B/BHT-914B User's Manual 4,117KB 03/27/2014 detail
BHT-904BB User's Manual 3,950KB 03/27/2014 detail
BHT-800 Series Operator's Guide 2,345KB 03/31/2010 detail
BHT-825Q/QW/QB User's Manual 4,172KB 11/21/2011 detail
BHT-805BB/BWB User's Manual 3,543KB 10/05/2011 detail
BHT-805BW User's Manual 6,439KB 08/05/2009 detail
BHT-805B User's Manual 5,334KB 09/22/2009 detail
BHT-600 Series Operator's Guide 2,578KB 03/31/2010 detail
BHT-600Q/BHT-600QB/BHT-600QW Operator's Guide Chinese Ver. 3,482KB 03/31/2010 detail
BHT-600B/BHT-600BB/BHT-600BW Operator's Guide Chinese Ver. 3,012KB 03/31/2010 detail
BHT-604B User's Manual 2,364KB 03/31/2010 detail
BHT-604BW User's Manual 2,715KB 03/31/2010 detail
BHT-604Q User's Manual 2,690KB 03/31/2010 detail
BHT-604QW User's Manual 3,014KB 03/31/2010 detail
BHT-500 Series Operator's Guide 1,632KB 03/31/2010 detail
BHT-500B User's Manual 2,642KB 03/31/2010 detail
BHT Photo for BHT-500B User's Manual 175KB 12/04/2008 detail
BHT-300 Series Operator's Guide 1,331KB 03/31/2010 detail
BHT-300 Bluetooth Series Operator's Guide 1,756KB 03/31/2010 detail
BHT-300 Wireless LAN, Bluetooth Series Operator's Guide 1,754KB 03/31/2010 detail
BHT-300Q/BHT-300QB/BHT-300QW-CN Operator's Guide Chinese Ver. 1,081KB 03/31/2010 detail
BHT-300B/BHT-300BB/BHT-300BW-CN Operator's Guide Chinese Ver. 1,086KB 03/31/2010 detail
BHT-300B User's Manual 1,067KB 11/09/2004 detail
BHT-300BB User's Manual 1,202KB 09/21/2006 detail
BHT-300BW(Wireless Security Model) User's Manual 4,104KB 11/26/2008 detail
BHT-300BW(WEP Only Model) User's Manual 1,152KB 10/31/2004 detail
BHT-300BWB User's Manual 1,285KB 10/24/2006 detail
BHT-300Q User's Manual (US,Canada) 1,121KB 09/30/2004 detail
BHT-300Q User's Manual (EU,Asia,others) 1,131KB 09/30/2004 detail
BHT-300QB User's Manual (USA) 1,285KB 09/21/2006 detail
BHT-300QB User's Manual (EU,Asia,others) 1,291KB 09/21/2006 detail
BHT-300QW User's Manual (EU,Asia,others) 1,485KB 11/30/2004 detail
BHT-300QW User's Manual (US,Canada) 1,371KB 11/30/2004 detail
BHT-300QW User's Manual(Wireless Security Model) (US,Canada) 4,345KB 10/27/2006 detail
BHT-300QW User's Manual(Wireless Security Model) (EU,Asia,others) 4,378KB 11/26/2008 detail
BHT-8000 Series Operator's Guide 1,971KB 03/31/2010 detail
BHT-8000 User's Manual 5,892KB 02/06/2004 detail
BHT-100Q/BHT-100B User's Manual 3,396KB 10/30/2002 detail
BHT-100QF/BHT-100BF User's Manual 3,542KB 10/30/2002 detail
BHT-100QW/BHT-100BW User's Manual 3,527KB 02/06/2003 detail
BHT-7500/BHT-7500S/BHT-7500W User's Manual 3,516KB 01/16/2004 detail
BHT-7200 User's Manual 1,527KB 07/08/2003 detail
BHT-7000 User's Manual 1,662KB 07/08/2003 detail
BHT-6000 User's Manual 756KB 02/22/2002 detail
BHT-5000 User's Manual 779KB 02/22/2002 detail
BHT-4000 User's Manual 2,802KB 02/25/2002 detail
BHT-3000 User's Manual 1,825KB 01/31/1993 detail
QHT-1000 User's Manual 1,129KB 02/27/2003 detail
BHT-BASIC3.0 Transfer Utility Guide 771KB detail
Ir Transfer Utility C Guide 158KB 03/25/2003 detail
BHT-1300 Series Operator's Guide 1,377KB 07/03/2013 detail
BHT-1300B User's Manual 15MB 11/27/2013 detail
BHT-1300Q User's Manual 16MB 11/27/2013 detail
BHT-1500B series User's Manual 5,454KB 12/18/2015 detail
BHT-S30 and S40 series User's Manual 8,184KB 04/29/2021 detail

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