Control Equipment Business

DENSO WAVE Controller Business

DENSO WAVE offers a multitude of products for your control needs. We offer
solutions in the areas of programmable controllers, industrial controllers,
HVAC control, security control, programmable displays, and more…

  • 生産競争力
  • 高信頼性
  • 短納期開発


Putting customers’ ideas into products

Development process that aims to give concrete form to the ideas of our customers
High-reliability products developed in a short time by engineers skilled in electrical, electronic, and mechanical engineering based on technology and know-how developed over 35 years

With customer communication as the first priority, developing products that reflect the requirements of customers anywhere in the world by listening to their needs through face-to-face meetings and videoconferences

Your Trusted Partner in Driving Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Innovation
in addressing your Needs

  • We have some specialized techniques but are lacking in integrating technology. This is why we need support.
  • We have solid design technology but are worried about mass production.
  • We entrust production to a subcontractor but have many quality problems.

Skilled in every area, our staff offers ‘total support’ for our customers.

Process to delivery

01. Planing

Specification Adjustment

〈 DENSO WAVE 〉We will solve your problem through discussions on the detailed specifications.

〈 Customer 〉We will solve your problem through discussions on the detailed specifications. You can check our product concept and confirm the final specifications of the product.


〈 DENSO WAVE 〉We set specific development goals and initiate development.

02. Development

Product Design

〈 DENSO WAVE 〉We develop high-reliability products, overcoming various technical issues owing to our ample design experience. Rapid development is realized by virtual prototyping through electronic circuits and thermal simulation, thereby reducing the number of prototypes built and costs incurred.

〈 Customer 〉You will have chances to express your opinions through regular meetings, etc.


〈 DENSO WAVE 〉Fast prototyping according to the request of the customer

Evaluation and Certification

〈 DENSO WAVE 〉We will conduct a variety of evaluations according to your request. If necessary, we will also perform pre-evaluations for acquiring a certificate.

〈 Customer 〉After checking our design documents and evaluation reports, you can decide whether to approve the making of preparations for mass production.

03. Production

Material Procurement

〈 DENSO WAVE 〉We utilize global procurement of high-quality components at low costs.

Preparation for Production

〈 DENSO WAVE 〉We deploy an optimal production line with sophisticated production technology checking the production quality and productivity at every

Production and Quality Control

〈 DENSO WAVE 〉We provide products that satisfy the customer through superior production and quality control.

04. Logistics

Physical Distribution

〈 DENSO WAVE 〉We will transport our products anywhere in the world according to the request of the customer, while maintaining the required quality. You can choose transportation by air or sea.

We will develop high-quality controllers according to the needs of our customers.

Product design

Overcoming various technical issues owing to our robust design experience

We provide high-quality and long-life products leveraging our 35 years of design experience acquired through production development .
We design products that can withstand severe application environments by thoroughly analyzing the specifications of the product from standalone usage to system levels processes,utilizing our accumulated design know-how.

  • Digital Electronics
  • Analog Electronics
  • Communication Interface
  • Custom Power Supplies
  • Embedded Software
  • Mechanical
  • Printed Circuit Board Design
  • Human-Machine
  • Official Certificates
Digital Electronics

Realizing various functions of a controller through optimized electronic circuit design.

〈 Application Technology 〉
・Microprocessors and peripheral electronic circuits
・General-purpose digital I/O circuits
・Digital I/O circuits with a self-diagnostic function
・High-speed digital signal processing with ASICs

〈 Knowledge 〉
・Circuit simulation
・Noise-immune design
・Long-life design
・Software development methods

Analog Electronics

Developing and optimizing products with a wealth of analog signal processing technology

〈 Application Technology 〉
・High-reliability analog I/O circuits (high-precision)
・Temperature measurement (thermocouples, resistance thermometer bulbs, etc.) interface
・Sensor-application technology

〈 Knowledge 〉
・Circuit simulation
・Noise-immune design
・Software development methods

Communication Interface

Realizing products that can connect to various networks, such as those installed in factories with sophisticated communication hardware and software technology

〈 Application Technology 〉
・Communication interface circuit design
・Communication control software design

〈 Supported Networks 〉
・Various wireless networks, etc.


〈 Knowledge 〉
・Noise-immune design

  • 1.BACnet® is a registered trademark of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).
  • 2.DeviceNet™ and the DeviceNet logo are the trademark and registered trademark, respectively, of Open DeviceNet Vendor Association, Inc. (ODVA).
  • 3.Ethernet® is a registered trademark of Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
  • 4.Echelon® and LONWORKS® are registered trademarks of Echelon Corporation in the United States and other countries.
  • 5.The PROFIBUS log is a registered trademark of PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI).
Custom Power Supplies

Providing a variety of DC and AC power equipment from small to large capacity, conforming to various standards

〈 Application Technology 〉
・Wide-range of input
・Improved efficiency

〈 Knowledge 〉
・Circuit simulation
・Noise-immune design

Embedded Software

Enabling development of high-quality and high-reliability software required by controllers through optimized design and testing of hardware and software

〈 Application Technology 〉
・System specifications
・Control software
・Creating software specifications
・Communication software
・Creating test plans

〈 Languages Used 〉

〈 Knowledge 〉
・Software development methods
・Knowledge of controllers
・Knowledge of the environments in which controllers are used


Realizing an optimal product structure that withstands severe application environments by effectively using analysis technology such as strength analysis

〈 Application Technology 〉
・Enclosure design technology
・Operability check
・Strength design
・Component interference check
・Heat dissipation design

〈 Knowledge 〉
・Structural analysis simulation
・Visualization of thermal distribution (thermoviewer)

  • 1.Pro/ENGINEER® is a registered trademark of Parametric Technology Corporation in the United States and other countries.
  • 2.Unigraphics® is a trademark of Electronic Data Systems Corporation.
Printed Circuit Board Design

Create the design of high-reliability and long-life products with printed circuit board designs based on 35 years of circuit board design experience

〈 Application Technology 〉
・Miniaturized/high-density mounting
・Design compliant to safety standards
・Environment-resistant design
・Noise-immune design
・Heat dissipation design

〈 Knowledge 〉
・CAD technology
・Engineering review
・Material evaluation technology
・Board design
・Flexible board application technology

Human-Machine Interface

Realizing high-reliability and user-friendly products by merging controller design technology and human-machine interface technology developed through 35 years of development experience.

〈 Application Technology 〉
・Full-color display technology
・Audio output technology
・Touch-panel technology

〈 Knowledge 〉
・Digital electronics
・Communication interface
・Embedded Software
・Printed Circuit Board Design

Official Certificates

Acquired major official certificates in and outside Japan

〈 Certification Standards 〉


Our commitments and past product development

With high reliability and quality based on expert technical knowledge, we create a variety of products, including programmable controllers to improve the productivity of our customers.
We continuously develop products that meet the demands of our customers.

  1980 1990 2000 2010
Basic modules ・CPU module
・Digital I/O module
・Power supply module
・Analog I/O module    
High-function module ・Self-diagnosis I/O module
・Robot controller
  ・Temperature measurement module ・Power monitoring module
Individual wiring modules   ・Remote I/O module ・DeviceNet module
・Profibus DP module
・Ethernet module
Other modules   ・Digital picking module ・Wireless communication module
・IC card reader
・Programmable display
・Air conditioner controller

DENSO WAVE’s business fields