About Linking to other website

Basically, anybody can link our website to other websites. However, if Denso judges that the linked site is offensive to public order and morals and/or antisocial, we may reject the link.

If you wish to link our website to your website, please fill in the following form and send it back to us.

Items necessary to link our website to your website

  • URL of the linked (or scheduled to link) website to our website
  • Title of your website
  • Company name (organization's name) *If it is an individual person's site, please write "individual".
  • Name of the person in charge
  • Contact (address, telephone number, mail address, etc.)

Use of Images

Copyrights for the images shown or files that can be downloaded in our website are owned not only by the company, but by the production company and advertising agency. Therefore, in principle, we do not permit anybody to use them.


If there are any typos, omitted letters and/or faulty links, please fill in the items below and contact us.

  • URL with the problem (In English and numeric number)
  • Content of error (in detail)
  • The OS and version you use on your PC
  • The browser and the version you use on your PC