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USB-COM Port Driver (For Windows98SE/ME/2000)

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USB-COM Port Driver (For Windows98SE/ME/2000) (1321KB) --
VersionUpdated contentsUpdated on
1.1(2000/XP: is supported at Windows 2000/XP driver.
The COM number selecting method at installation of Windows 98SE/Me driver is improved to avoid assigning the same COM number which the other driver creates.
The uninstaller supports the new function for removing the driver in miss-installation state.
Dec 13 ,2004
1.0.1(2000/XP:1.0.04)(98SE/Me: for "QS20H-U".
Improved for the stability on Windows 98SE.
Mar 01 ,2003
1.0(2000/XP: 29 ,2002

Supporting OS

Supporting OS is as following Windows OS.

  • Windows 98SE
  • Windows ME
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP (32bit version)


This driver is not scheduled to support Windows Vista and Windows 7.

If your PC’s operating system is Windows XP and you have an intention to upgrade it to the latest version, you are suggested to use the Active USB-COM Port Driver .

How to Install the USB-COM Port Driver

1.Extracting file

  • Execute downloaded file(usbcom.exe).
  • The dialog window will displayed as follows,

  • If you wish changing the default folder, push "Reference..." button.
  • When you push "OK" button, the folder "USBCOM" is made in target folder(in the case of the above, "C:\My Documents"), and USB-COM Port Driver set is extracted.

2.Uninstall the old USB-COM Port Driver

If you already use the "USB-COM Port Driver", please uninstall this old software as follows.

But if you use this software at the first time, install the USB-COM Port Driver, referring the user's manual.

  • Open the folder "...\USBCOM\UNINSTAL". (this is in your selection folder)
  • Execute "undwcom.exe". (About detail of "undwcom.exe",refer to "USB-COM_Port_Driver_Uninstallation_Guide.pdf")

3.Install the USB-COM Port Driver

Install the USB-COM Port Driver, referring the user's manual.